Suggest a Completely Inappropriate Movie for a Work Party

We’re having an afternoon work party at the manager’s manager’s house one afternoon next week - reason being the department reorged, so it’s the last hurrah for the current group. Pizza on the menu, “Office Space” on the big screen.

So what’s the most inappropriate (non-porn) movie for this type of gathering? My nomination: “Blue Velvet.” Runner-up: “Crash” (the David Cronenberg movie of 10 years back, not the Best Picture Winner from last year).

Note that I like weird movies, so suggestions here will likely go on my Netflix list if I haven’t already seen them.

I nominate “Secretary” with James Spader.

Angel Heart
American Psycho
Beavis and Butthead Do America
Showgirls (for that matter, anything Verhoeven)
Freddy Got Fingered
The Hitcher

It really all depends on which way you want to go. Oversexed, ultra-violent, socially retarded, my suggestions run the gamut. Take your pick.

Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke
Mulholland Drive
Allegro non Troppo (the weird nominee)

I Can Make You Love Me, based on Richard Farley’s stalking of co-worker Laura Black, culminating in the 1988 office shooting spree in which he killed seven and wounded three, including Black.

Brooke Shields and Richard (John-Boy) Thomas! It can’t miss!

Blue Velvet

Completely inappropriate for just about anything.

Middle of the day and then everyone goes back to work?

The Last Temptation of Christ

You can’t ever go wrong with Fight Club.

Orgazmo- The Porn Film With No Porn!
It’s done by Matt Stone and Trey Parker- of South Park fame- and is hilariously funny, and also horribly inappropriate for a work environment.

Other suggestions include The Big Lebowski (A Rory* Award Nominee if there ever was one), Monty Python & The Holy Grail (or Life Of Brian- they’re both excellent), Death To Smoochy (especially if your co-workers have kids!), and Fight Club (which might give people ideas… :D)

*The Rory Award is a fictional award for “The Most Gratuitous Use Of The Word “Fuck” In A Serious Screenplay”, in case you hadn’t read Life, The Universe, And Everything

Chuck & Buck, I beg of you! You’ll have the most awkward time EVER. It’s especially good since it starts off rather innocently, and people will be all like ‘oh, the guy from School of Rock’ and ‘Hey, one of the directors of American Pie.’ Then comes the creepy sexuality…

Excellent suggestions so far - keep 'em coming.

Other ideas:
“A Clockwork Orange”

Note only at the top of my list (literally ;)), but I just added this to my DVD collection last weekend.

The Passion of the Christ
Meet the Feebles
Birth of a Nation
Piglet’s Big Movie
something foreign. very foreign

Clerks Or even better/worse Vulgar

Quest For Fire might be appropriatly inappropriate. (And you don’t have to hear it to keep up.)

Boogie Nights. Now there’s a work environment! That last scene should really leave everyone in the right frame of mind to go back to work. :wink:

Going with “you don’t have to be crazy to work here but it helps”: The Dream Team.

Who wouldn’t love a Monkees movie? Head

For something with more political overtones, try The President’s Analyst

More drugs? Valley of the Dolls

Every year Northwestern University has a B Movie Fest, which all my friends attended faithfully every year in high school. (I mean come on, how can you miss 24 straight hours of some of the absolute worst films ever made?) Anything normally shown at the B-Fest would be a fine choice, but the choicest would have to be the 1942 classic U.S. military hygiene film, U.S.S. VD: Ship of Shame.

(However, another fine choice might be Groucho Marx’s last film, Skidoo, in which he plays God, with Grace Jones as his love slave. It’s rather less graphically inappropiate, but a great deal more random. A fine choice for lovers of truly bizarre and random cinema.)

Bring “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Childen”
… Nobody will no what the hell is going on.

Bring “9 Songs”… a little British film.
… But practice your “I had no idea!” face before hand. The illusion of sincerity is of the utmost importance.

8mm with Nicolas Cage. Can’t go wrong with a snuff film theme.
Or you could try Requiem for a Dream. That’s inappropriate for ANY party.

Eraserhead is probably completely inappropriate for any gathering.