Suggest insults for Nintendo Mario characters.

Our department is dressing up as Mario characters complete with cars for Halloween. I’d like to decorate mine with some insults aimed at the other characters. (I’m Mario).

The have to be SFW and should be short as I’m using stick-on letters.

Things like “Luigi has bad gas” or “Peach is a man”. Please help me out. Bonus points will be given for car related insults like “bad gas”.

Mario characters are here.

Toadstool is president?

I’m not sure if that is safe for work or not.

I like the way you think but I’d say that that’s over the line.

Your own “Peach is a man” could well be said to be transphobic, if you’re gonna talk about SFW.

I don’t disagree and I almost certainly won’t use it but I’m in the reddest of red states. No one would bat an eye at it. Dick jokes, especially those aimed at Trump, would get me a one-way ticket to HR.

Luigi, mom always liked me better.

Peach, it’s the 21st century, you don’t need a man to save you.

You’ll probably get better suggestions moving the thread to the Game Room, given the target audience there.

But here’s a few quick jabs:

Bowser: just a tarted-up turtle
Wario: the Mario that couldn’t
Donkey and Diddy aren’t worth three-fiddy

Good point. I never go there so I forgot that it even exists. I’ll ask a mod to move it.

Mod Hat On

Moved to The Game Room

Peach - the finish line is in another castle
Luigi - what’s your last name again?
Yoshi - I’ll be having scrambled eggs for breakfast

I assumed that was a reference to Bowser now being a woman (at least in the fan community)