Summer Glau returning to TV!

In the upcoming superhero series The Cape, the product of a bunch of people I’ve never heard of. Starts Sunday.

I was going to watch The Cape anyway - this gives me a better reason. She is just adorable.

I am going to watch The Cape despite Summer Glau. She’s average looking (based on a real life, not Hollywoodland scale) to me and nothing I’ve not been impressed with her acting in anything I’ve seen.

I’ve only seen her in Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly, so it will be interesting to see her play a normal, functional person – assuming she does.

I’ll be in ma’ bunk.

Was just ogling her last night watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles. That’s one hot cyborg.

Monday’s rerun of *Chuck *was the one with Summer Glau as Greta. It was a one-note role, but it’s always good to see her.

I don’t have high hopes for The Cape, but I’ll give it a shot.

My over-the-air reception of our local NBC station has been crap recently but I’m gonna try to watch it.

No idea what it’s about or who else is in it but Glau is enough reason for me to watch a T.V. show. :slight_smile:

WAG - she’s going to be playing a crazy person.

It’s inevitable.

I had written off this show as too stupid to watch until I saw she was in it, and now I have to watch it. Boooo! (Double bonus for having Izabella Miko in it too, though.)

From what I can tell, her character isn’t remotely normal or functional, and I got the impression she may not even be a person.

Ah, perfect casting then :D.

Yeah, I guess I will have to try it. Not expecting much, but I’ll give it a chance.

I’ll probably get pilloried for this, but:

She’s cute and all, but she can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

As far as I can tell, Glau only plays characters who ain’t right in the head. I don’t know if it’s limited range or just typecasting, but hey, it’s a niche.

Okay, I will pillory you - she’s really just average looking. Certainly not ugly, but I wouldn’t turn my head to watch her go past.

Or were you talking about the acting part? Because if you were, I want to know who thinks the girl has any acting chops.

I’m very interested in the show, though it seems all the promos for it cast it in a different light than the type of show it really is.

To me, the promos make it appear dark and gritty, like the Nolan Batman’s, but from other people I’ve talked to who know more about it (seen extended promotion cuts that are ~15 min. long, talked with the production staff,) it’s a little more…well, I don’t want to say “tongue and cheek”, but a little more “self-aware” that it’s a comic-book turned TV show. I’m still going to watch at least the first two episodes, so let’s hope it’s good regardless of it’s style.

Also, am I the only one who thinks his outfit makes him looks a LOT like the Assassin’s Creed guy?

I can’t really comment on how well she can act because I don’t think I’ve seen anything where she’s really had the opportunity. But with all that said, I have still liked her in all of her big shows and guest star roles. I might not hunt down any new smaller roles she might have, but everything I hear about I’ll give a shot without asking questions.

Just watched a lot of the previews, and it looks to me like Summer’s ‘Orwell’ character is not a figment, nor a loon. She’s a blogger who keeps her identity secret because she reports on crime and corruption. She ends up teaming up with The Cape.

My biggest objection to the show based on the previews is the guy only wears his mask very occasionally. If you’re presumed dead and trying to maintain that, you really should cover your face all the time when you’re out among the criminals.

I assume they have him out of the mask all the time either because of actor vanity or (more likely) because the actor couldn’t convey full emotion with just his jawline showing. I remember reading that was one of the biggest casting problems for X-Men: Finding a Cyclops capable of acting without using his eyes.

Bumping this thread as a reminder because the series premieres in about an hour. Two back-to-back episodes tonight.