Sunday Morning Bummers

Man, is it gonna be a scorcher today!

Mr. K didn’t put the lawn mower battery on the charger, so I may not be able to mow until the thermometer hits 100.

We have trees growing in the gutter. They, too, must be extricated before it gets hot. In the battle of priorities, my money is on the A/C and DVDs.

Anyone else?

We’ve got trees in our gutters, too! Luckily, we had a gully-washer come through the last two nights, so the yard is too soggy to mow - damn the luck. :wink: My plans for the day include throwing some pottery in the cool of the basement, but that’ll just kill a couple of hours.

Still, those gutters need to be cleaned… drat.

I usually don’t work out on Sundays, but because of a weird work schedule last week that kept me from working out after work like normal, I feel I should go this morning.

In fact, I’m turning off the computer right now to go do it. /much put-upon sigh

Damn the gutters. Damn them to hell.

I have got to start putting insulation in the addition. I started yesterday, but realized that the satelite dish needs to be moved, wiring a coax etal.

Thought about doing it my self, but since its two way, alignment should really be done by a pro. Had to Talk to some guy in India to find a company 50 miles away that can do it.

Life is just getting stranger and stranger.

Good news is that I won’t be dealing with heat. I was talking to my cousin in Denver last night where the temp was still in the 90’s. It was 55 at my house in the mountains.

I thought I’d be working on a project for work today. One that would bring me fame and fortune. Since I can’t download the information needed to do diddly squat, I guess I have to paint.

So, I guess I can’t complain compared to you gutter people. I’ll paint in A/C comfort and work on that paint fumes headache all day. Really sucks I can’t polish up my presentation.

We’ve got leftovers from the bar-b-que yesterday. Beer, cold cuts, various salads, and a lot of seared meat that will briefly go back on the grill. The yard work is done, the house work is done (more or less), and I finished one of the big things on my honey do list (painting the fron door red) in time for the party so I’m gonna unplug from the grind for the day.

I’m going to take my daughter to the Y for family swim. It would be nice to go to the beach - and we’ve got a great on here in town - but even across town a beach trip is a big production, and I’m not equal to that task.

I lived in Nederland for a while. High summer and I’d be wearing a jean jacket. Then I’d go down the mountain to Boulder and have a freekin’ stroke. Lugging my jean jacket around like it was an anvil around my neck. Lovin’ the mountain A/C.