Sunday paper want ad

This was in the paper this morning.

Wouldn’t you like to listen to some of these phone calls.


Movie producer seeks real-life victems of Alien Abduction, & or Conspiracy Theorists, & other intelligent people “in the know” on topics such as Secrete Societies, Reptilian Aliens, the Illuminati, Disinformation, Alien Mythology, the matrix, & the new World Order for documentary film. Some pay. Call toll free 1-800-305-8383 or email

I really liked the, “other intelligent people” part.

Just wanted to share.


What paper was this in? I should send it to my dufus cousin.

I liked the “Secrete Societies” bit, even if it was a typo. Instant mind picture of people in hooded robes gathering in a dank, dark basement to compare bodily secretions and work themselves into an oozing frenzy. :wink: Ick!

Good point ** Davebear **

Arden Ranger it was the Carson City, NV paper.

I wonder how they forgot to add anything about Area 51 to their wish list. Seems to me there should be butt-loads of “intelligent people” foaming at their various orificii with A-51 info.

At last! A chance to tell the world My Story™!

Pffft. “Movie Producer.” Yeah, right. Pretty transparent attempt for the government to round up all of us who know too much. I’m not falling for it.