Super Bowl Dip Bracket

So over at Foodspin they have a dip bracket and it is down to the semi-finals. It is a travesty. Somehow Guacamole is barely beating out Queso, when it should be running away from the field, because Guacamole is the greatest thing mankind has ever produced. but even more distressing is that something called “Buffalo Chicken Dip” is beating Classic Salsa, which what the…? This is so embarrassing for America. Thanks Obama!

Have you had Buffalo Chicken Dip, because if you had, you would have an entirely different attitude.

Something “invented” when someone accidentally sat on an avocado is the “greatest”. I don’t think so…

There’s a much wider range of guacamole than there is of queso. Good guac beats out the best of cheese dips, but there’s a limit to how bad cheese dip can get.

How the heck did Guac beat Spinach & Artichoke dip? Guac has no flavor beyond “fatty paste”, while spinach & artichoke dip is, quite literally, made out of flavor. Made out of it.

I don’t see how any salsa can beat a good pico.

Agreed! My spinach & artichoke dip has been requested at every girls’ night for the past 9 years. Guacamole is good. But it is NO spinach and artichoke dip.

Buffalo chicken dip is ok. But canned chicken freaks me right out. I feel like there must be a way to improve on that particular recipe.

You guys are making me very hungry. I like all of the above

This is true.

I feel bad for you, because you have clearly only had shitty quac. By the way, it is the good fat, so there!

No, no, I’ve had the shit they make at the table for you in fancy mexican restaurants in NYC. It tasted like fatty paste.

Oh Lord. Guacamole haters. :rolleyes:

Its HEALTHY for you folks, and yes its good fat. The trick is to get not mushy avocados - just ripe ones and cut them up into 1" dice along with the other coarsely cut up veggies. Spice it up with Tabasco, sweet red onions, Roma tomatoes, roasted chilis, tomatillos, lime juice and any other colorful veggie you have and just toss it, dont mash it …and its NIRVANA with lime chips. So theres my vote!

Since when is “healthy” a reasonable thing to judge Super Bowl dips on?

I’m gonna need a definition for “Classic Salsa” before I weigh in. Are they just talking a crappy 70s jar of New Jersey tomato slop?

I think so - because they voted out pico de gallo, corn salsa, mango salsa, peach salsa, black bean salsa, chipotle salsa and salsa verde.

It just IS. This is 2014 after all: yogurt, lite beer, lo carb, hi fiber …

No they are talking about fresh salsa made with tomatoes, chiles, jalepenos, onions, etc. The slop in a jar is akin to thinking Ragu is classic spaghetti sauce.

Indeed. Buffalo Chicken Dip is absolutely fantastic stuff.

Note that I was complaining about it losing out to spinach artichoke dip. Health was not a significant concern. I’m just rather texturally-biased when it comes to food; part of why I dislike raw tomatoes is that they’re slimy icky bleh things. The fact that they don’t taste good is secondary. Avocados at least don’t taste bad–they don’t taste of much at all. My opposition to them is mostly based on texture.

PdG usually contains too much cilantro. And by “too much”, I mean “a nonzero amount”.