Super Bowl Haiku.

Bring it on. :smiley:
A field of battle.
Absent illumination,
The balance shifted.

There was a game? When?
I willl have to search online:
Time to watch the ads.

Spent the day at work
I don’t ever watch pro sports
Amateur, either.

The Ravens won, and
put a smile on the face of
Edgar Allen Poe.

Spicy food abounds.
Cajun themed party, of course.
Monday I had gas.

Baltimore Ravens
and San Fran Forty-Niners
Hey where are the lights?

Clever thread idea
Not so many posts so far
It had such promise !!!

Is a football game
worthy of such poetry?
Well maybe the ads…

Never A bad time
For a well-reasoned Haiku.
Cold beer anyone?