Superbowl champs as playoff underdogs

The Ravens were listed as underdogs for all 3 playoff games and the Superbowl, and they won all 4 games. Were any other NFL Superbowl winners listed as underdogs for all their playoff games and the Superbowl?

I’d have to go dig up the actual spreads, but the 2010 Packers were the #6 seed in the NFC playoffs, and had to win three playoff games on the road to make the Super Bowl, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were underdogs in all four games.

Baltimore was favored by a TD over Indy in the wild card round.

According to Pro Football Reference…

vs. Philadelphia: 2.5 point underdogs
vs. Atlanta: 1.5 point underdogs
vs: Chicago: 3.5 point favorites
vs: Pittsburgh: 3 point favorites

So, that’s not a good example, either.

2008: Giants were +3 against Tampa Bay, +7 against the Cowboys, +7.5 against the Packers, and +12.5 in the Super Bowl against the Patriots.

1980: Raiders were +1 against the Oilers, +3.5 against the Browns, +4 against the Chargers, and +3 against the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

I would swear that Indy was favored in that game.

I guess I need a new pair of glasses.

The 2005 Steelers were also a #6 seed. They may have been favored over Cincy in the first round though. Not sure about the rest.

They were favored over the Bengals and over the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.