Superdude, get your ass in here.

Okay, you whining little maggot, you think your Doper-life won’t be complete until someone hauls your ass to the Pit and flames you? Well, sit your flabby little butt down [sub]and wait just a moment 'cause I’m having a little trouble with the napalm…it’s tricky stuff…[/sub]!

Over in this thread, you subjected us to your puling about unloved you feel, how you don’t regard yourself as a “real Doper”.

Let’s take a closer look at your pathetic and desperate plea for attention and validation.

Wow, congratulations on being able to read your own post count! I am impressed with your ability to get the hamster-wheel inside your pointy little cranium spinning that fast.

Applefuckers. High and mighty pricks. Cockgobblers. Feel the burn! Come off it, I’ve randomly thrown scrabble tiles on the floor and come up with better insults than that. Exercise that carpet lint you call a brain and come up with something that might actually be considered an insult. Maybe you should go practice with the five-year old down the street until you’ve improved your skills a little.

While you’re out improving your vocabulary, try and get it through your titanium-plated skull that the world does not revolve around you. We’re busy and the fact that it’s another newbie of all things doing the flaming indicates how miniscule is the fuck that anyone gives.

Before you go, I’d further like to observe that you’re weird, and your mother dresses you funny.

How’d I do, Superdude? Feeling better? :wink: :smiley:
[sub]Disclaimer: I don’t hate Superdude, not even the littlest bit. In fact, I’ve quite enjoyed some of his posts. He’s never done anything to warrant so much as a slightly cross word from me, ‘kay? Just funnin’.

Thank you! I’ve now lost my SDMB maidenhead. Thank you again, tavalla, for taking my virginity.

Jesus, get a room you two.

I’d flame you, but it’s my understanding that your super-underoos are fire-retardant.

Here’s hoping there’re no bulemia victims on this board…these threads are all pretty goddamned triggering.

Nothing personal against Super, who is indeed Super, but jesus christ…

if there’s anything more annoying than a fake flame thread I’m not sure what it is. Don’t you guys have email?


So… this delicate little missive couldn’t go in the original thread because…?

Agreed. Sorry, Super, you know I love you, but there was no need for one of these threads, much less two.

Hey, Geobabe, you know I love you, but this one I didn’t start. I was invited to this dance by someone who spun off from the original.

I didn’t see you complaining about it either. Listen, I don’t want to get into a fight with you, but it might have been a good idea to suggest to the OP that this thread be closed and the “flame” added to the original thread.

Fake flames less than hot
Don’t cross event horizon
Neediness black hole

spellchecker not adept
when the typos still form words
Fucking sucks. Add ‘P’.

I have a question, SD. You claim infamy in both oral and intercourse. You flirt compulsively. You say OCD was a problem for you getting into a position as fireman.

Possibly 1 and 2 exist because of 3?
Weird correlary, OCD-affected make better lovers because… they keep on going and going?

Acctually something that I’d never considered, but it’s a valid question. I can’t recall ever having seen a study on it. I wouldn’t say we’re better lovers because we keep going and going. I’d say it’s more attention to detail, and making sure it’s done right.


I must be doing it wrong then, cause my mileage is varying a little bit on that… :slight_smile:

I am not tavalla. I promise you, I am not tavalla!

I did not start this thread. I had no idea it existed until about 5 minutes ago. Please, I like you people who posted in here complaining about the second thread. But can’t you just read my fucking name and stop knee-jerking?!

Ok, maybe that tone was unwarranted. Sorry. Just kinda bugging me, that’s all.

Uh, nobody mentioned your name in this thread?

Maybe because I wrote Tavalla and not tavalla, Tattva got confused. Anyway, sorry to tavalla and Tattva. Tounge-twistin’!

No, and I noticed that you got it right in the other thread. But many others in this particular thread were remarking about how it should have stayed in the original thread. I guess I might have assumed that they were referring to the now closed MPSIMS thread, instead of SD’s pit thread that inspired this one. Geobabe is talking about the other pit thread, not the MPSIMS thread, I believe.

But there are comments about getting a room or taking it to email, which make me think that they’re confusing me and tavalla. Namely Trion, jarbabyj, and Hamadryad. Again, I admire these people, I just think that they weren’t paying real close attention.

Not like I really blame them too much. I know I typically avoid flirt threads (except ones that call me in by name, I guess) and wouldn’t be likely to memorize the names of people involved.