Superdude, get your ass in here.

Funny…I don’t recall having said a thing about a room OR email.

No, to be picky, you were just commenting on the glurge of flirty threads that I believe you thought were between me and Superdude. I apologize for lumping you into the “room and email” group.

If you’re condemning all flirt threads and took this opportunity to make a jab at ours in particular, then I again apologize for misinterpreting you.

My point, in general, is that it appears to me that people are complaining about the interaction between myself and Superdude in multiple threads, when in fact it only appeared in one thread (ignoring the couple posts made in jarbabyj’s oral sex rant thread.) I suppose I wasn’t clear about that.

I guess this thread has been completely hijacked now. Who’s going to start the “Why hasn’t Tattva been banned yet” pit thread?

[overused board phrase]
Get off the cross, honey, we need the wood.
[/overused board phrase]

And really, my response had nothing at all to do with flirt threads. I said, and I quote:

fake flames can be taken to email just as easily as flirts.

But enough of this, let’s escape to Wisconsin.

Who the fuck are you again?

Jesus, what a sorry excuse for a pit thread. Who the fuck let these fuzzy bunny MPSIMS people in here?

Ok. I was too sensitive to particular words, and misunderstood intentions. I will get off the cross.

This was a test. It was only a test. You will now be returned to your scheduled thread.

Oh please, don’t give yourself so much credit. Before two hours ago no one even knew who you were and most still don’t.

How the hell did that happen? I though I’d stopped sending it in time. In any case, it refers to Tattva, not to Hecubus or jarbaby, obviously. Kind of a moot point now.

Aaugh! I’ve been infected by this thread’s pointless banality!
Kamandi Threadkiller

Yes, I was referring to the other Pit thread.

Threads started in MPSIMS specifically for one person to flirt with another person, eh, those I can live with. I get annoyed when people invite flames just because they want attention. MPSIMS is the “shameless begging for attention” forum, not the Pit.

That is why I took Superdude to task for this thread rather than tavalla, even though he didn’t start this one. It’s specifically because of his thread that this one came about. I didn’t phrase that as well as I should have in my first post.

With all due respect, Geobabe (and you know I love ya), this is complete and utter bullshit. You’re reaming me for the actions of another, because I suggested it? Great. Now I know how Charles Manson feels.

Helter Skelter

word. i hope that prozac induced happiness isn’t spreading into here.

Oh for God’s sake. Please tell me you’re kidding, because otherwise I think that is the worst overdramatization I’ve ever seen on these boards. Drawing a parallel between a sorry “pay attention to me” Pit thread and mass murder? Good lord. And please also tell me you don’t think that Manson was just misunderstood.

You set the chain of action in motion, and while it is true that you didn’t personally start this particular thread, it would not exist if you hadn’t started the other one, n’est-ce pas? That’s all I’m sayin’.

Jesus! What a trainwreck of misunderstanding this thread is. I think y’all oughta take a deep breath, re-read this thing and then just forget all about it.

Well, Unc, I try not to disagree with Moderators except in the context of a debate, but one point in your post (which sounded like you had your hat on) did bother me:

Why the heck should anyone re-read this half-baked excuse for a MPSIMS/Pit mule-out?

Personally, I think you ought to close the thread. That way, someone can have an excuse for another “Why was my thread locked?” thread. :smiley:

Both y’all suck! Grow a spine and flame dammit! Tattva, we tend to put real complaints in the pit, not stupid flirt stuff. When ya gots a legitimate complaint, throw it in here. Else, the dogs of the pit’ll rip you a new one.

Goddammit Tattva, sorry. Paste Tavalla in my above post.

(Sorry for quoting this much.)

There is yet another rash of “spray our pheromones all over the board so people will think we’re cute” syndrome going around. This is not necessarily a two-person ride; any number can play. However, it gets really old, particularly anywhere but MPSIMS, when they keep on smacking you in the face.

I’m going to say it again even though no one ever seems to listen: I. Do. Not. Have. A. Problem. With. Flirty. People. In. Flirt. Threads.. I’m not saying anyone cares about my opinion…no one’s gonna stop just because I say so…but you are misinterpreting me.

I’m not objecting to a seeming glut of flirts between you and whatzisname. I’m objecting to seeing this horseshit everywhere I go yet again.

I don’t object to flirt threads in general. As a matter of fact, I have been know to defend them.

The only thing I was doing, was attempting to imply that these kinds of threads (particularly those begun in the Pit, as I said) made me want to vomit, and I was trying to imply this with a certain measure of wit.

Obviously, I have - once again - failed in my mission. The Evil Alien Overlords will be sorely disappointed in me.