Superman and Lois Season 1

And if you have an AI with limited recognizing abilities, a delay before the killing starts is probably wise.

Also, if you’re the type of person who is wont to his appearance/voice/genetics/etc. the way Lex Luthor does and may come back to your base slightly-to-very incapacitated as he has, you may want to give yourself a second or two to catch your breath and identify yourself before your AI attacks you even more

That part bothered me. I agreed with you upthread that the fake-out over John Henry Irons’ actual identity was really well done. But the whole fake-out is entirely due to the AI calling him “Captain Luthor”. But if it’s really that simple to switch user profiles and still retain command of the AI, why didn’t he do that before? And what was that bit on Earth-? where his daughter made a big deal about how they hadn’t had time to re-program the AI and it still thought he was Lex Luthor? They didn’t have time to just say, “Create a new user profile”?

Still, that’s a fairly small nit to pick. The bigger nit for me is that Superman and the DoD just…let him leave. With his super AI and advanced weapons from another world. After he had performed multiple terrorist attacks on nuclear reactors and a DoD facility, and endangered thousands, if not millions of lives. I think they established in dialogue that no one was seriously injured in those attacks, but still…

If I were General Lane and and let Irons go I’d be sure to outfit his RV with all sorts of tracking devices and sensors. Also, I’d relieve him of some of those high-tech weapons.

If Superman went rogue or Kryptonians (real or ersatz) show up you’d actually want Irons on your side - he’s a bad-ass normal who has not only taken on Kryptonians, he’s won battles if not the actual war. The problem is ensuring Irons himself doesn’t go rogue.

Well, that’s the thing. Irons started by going rogue. He attacked multiple nuclear reactors, and endangered thousands if not millions of lives. I agree, you want him onside when (not if) the bad Kryptonians show up. But I think that means “recruiting” him, even if he doesn’t want to be recruited, or at least keeping him under close surveillance, rather than just letting him wander the country with an arsenal of super-weapons.

  1. I think they shouldn’t have had Jonathan opening that door looking for weapons. Instead, they should’ve had him see what he saw (Kal-El murdering alt-Lois), get up and stagger out, grabbing the wrong door by accident. Then, when Lois is bawling him out, he could’ve yelled, “I saw Dad kill you! I was trying to get out so I could puke!”

  2. IIRC, at the end of the Arrowverse Crisis, the single son Lois and Clark had is changed into twins, which surprised Clark. Lois clearly knows about the Multiverse. Did Clark ever tell her about the additional son? Is it possible that son (Jordan? I’ve forgotten) is from another universe?

S01E09 Loyal Subjekts

DETAILS - Lois, Chrissy and Clark team up to piece together the significance of Smallville to Morgan Edge.

Why didn’t Gen Lane explain the good reasons to have Kryptonite? (pre this episode)

  1. Evil Kryptonians, or Kryptonian-esque folks (not sure how well they were known in-Universe prior to this episode)
  2. Superman under some sort of alien/magic mind control

Was Morgan Edge (or whoever is inhabiting his body) literal with “Brother”? His logo is sort of House of El -ish…


Lane HAS explained it in prior episodes, both to Clark and Lois, mostly in the context of Superman going rogue. There was also the scene where Clark comes home to Lois having a glass of wine on the porch and says “Did you know your dad was stockpiling kryptonite?” so Clark and Lois have briefly mentioned it to each other as well. The dialogue in this episode was a bit longer and more emphasized, that’s all, and directed towards one of the twins instead of Clark and Lois.

Not sure who Edge is in Kryptonian terms.

Man, the contrast in quality between this show and The Flash, immediately preceding, is startling. Hard to believe they’re made by the same production company.

I think the obvious answer for Edge’s real identity is Zod. So it probably isn’t. Which other Kryptonian wants to take over the world?

I’m wondering why Jordan just doesn’t keep up with the Migranes excuse from previous episodes. Its a good cover - ::sneezes ice:: “Oh no, I’m getting halos in my vision again. There’s a Migrane coming! I’ve got to get home now!”. Easy enough.

And damn good job by Jonathan keeping the guns.

I know there has to be drama, but I think Lana and Jonathan are being unreasonable… as shown by the actions in the next hours. Evil Kryptonians defeated by the weapons. Hopefully, there will be an apology to the General.

Also, I wonder if there will ever be a commentary about all the strange crap that has gone down since the Kents returned to Smallville :).

Well Morgan Edge would still be interested in the X-Kryptonite and J.H. Irons would probably still be there but yes, much more under the radar.


That’s one thing I liked about Smallville (the show, not the town; the town’s boring).

The first episode had a meteor shower of bright green crystals localized around Smallville… which then explained the Monster Of The Week, as people reacted differently to the Kryptonite.

Smallville is a weirdness magnet - I doubt anyone has noticed an uptick against the background weirdness field.

As someone who spent a good number of years in a town with many characteristics of Smallville, it’s a little irritating when someone who grew up in the town has to say “I looked into that guy, and found out he was from Smallville” - in a town that size, you know every family name from the town, your teachers were your parent’s teachers or your parent’s classmates, and there’s never any question of having to think about whether someone is from Smallville - you just know (in a town that has been losing population, you might say something like “I found out the guy who attacked you was named - I remember his family left town in the 90s”).

S01E10 O Mother, Where Art Thou?

FAMILY - Lana reaches out to Lois and Clark when Kyle starts behaving strangely. Meanwhile, Jonathan opens up to Jordan. Lastly, Sarah storms out after accusing her mom of always covering for her dad.

Good God, that was epic, and it wasn’t even the season finale. How are they going to follow this one up? I’m sure John Henry Irons is going to come into play somehow.

So Morgan Edge was not Zod, but his plan was pretty much the same as Zod’s in Man of Steel: turn Earth into an image of Krypton. And he really was Kal-El’s half brother. Also, where’s Kara in all this? I mean, if he wants to get the whole Kryptonian gang back together, shouldn’t he also want her onside?

I have a bunch of Supergirl episodes to catch up on, so I don’t know what’s up with Kara. But (again) I really wanted her acknowledged at least. He’s not the only Kryptonian - he’s got her. She was also old enough on Krypton that she might have known something about her aunt. Just a phone call/text/something to her would go a long way.

It did bother me that no one fully thought through blowing the secret identity to Lara - they really don’t know how conscious Lana (these 4-letter L names!) was while she was possessed. And didn’t it seem like there were way too many new-Kryptonians, seeing that Lana had only recruited about 10 or so?

I was really, really, really happy that the teenagers weren’t complete idiots and that Sarah didn’t try to break her dad out. And that the twins only went so far into petulant teen mode. And I really like the Lois/Lana relationship and that it is two grown, adult women and not the petty crap that it could be with worse writers.

Obviously, there’s something else going on, because what’s-her-name is unchanged for whatever reason.

Kyle didn’t know what was going on when he was possessed, so it seemed pretty safe. Also, I thought they were pretty subtle about it.

Lana didn’t recruit Kyle and yet he got turned. Lois walked in on an entire board room full of new recruits that weren’t included in Lana’s initial list.

Leslie Larr? Mama El said that it wouldn’t work if Krytonian identity had fully taken over. That’s obviously what happened in her case.

Ha! I was right! The difference between Clark and Edge is that Clark was adopted into a human family and treated well, and Edge was treated as a lab rat.

::: sits back and looks smug :::

Presumably, the Kal-El in JHI’s universe got the same treatment Edge did in the one Superman and Lois is based in. That’s why JHI only ever referred to Superman as Kal-El - on his world there was no Clark Kent, he never had that name.

And having Lois, and a family, is what made the difference in the world we follow.

Given this week’s episode, I suspect next week’s, based on the title, will be less eventful but work on character development.