Supernatural 2/17: Repo Man

Sam and Dean exorcised a demon years ago, but it’s back and causing more mayhem.

My wife predicts that the demon is not back, but the dude who he possessed is doing the killings.

Tattoo this dude with the anti-possession tattoo. Duh?

  1. My wife is awesome. Mostly right, anyway.

  2. This is a good episode. This show is much better when “leviathans” are not being discussed.

Was there any mention of a plate of shrimp?


I too guessed that it was the guy and not the demon. Angel did a similar episode.

I was struck by the way they handled Jeffrey with such care in the flashback, taking the time to explain why it was important to torture the demon, then exorcising him, then getting him to a hospital. I tend to think of them as writing off the possessed and just killing them straight out.

I also thought whatever method they are using not to get possessed they should have tried to get mass marketed.

My one failed prediction was that the support group would be specifically for the previously possessed but they didn’t go in that direction.

I see next week is the return of Cass in one form or another exciting!

A scene from the great movie Repo Man.