Supernatural: Current season, Open spoilers

It went out simply and with class. I can complain about things that weren’t there, but they did a great job.

Goodbye, Supernatural. I’m 42 and been watching since I was 27.

Did not expect it to middle like that, but they pulled it off.

I don’t know if I would have ended it that way but it was a good ending. A good finale for the show. I liked Heaven 2.0. That’s a lot better version than Heaven 1.0 was which I always thought was dumb.

Overall I’m happy with these last two episodes ending the show.

I started watching since a few episodes into season one and haven’t missed an episode since.

It was a good 15 years.

Heh, wow, I don’t watch the show, but one of my social media circles has been going negatively nuts over it, comparing it to GoT.

Totally disagree. That was a very satisfying finale. It felt true to the show and true to the characters. I, too, did not expect it to go the direction it did - but that direction didn’t feel wrong, just unexpected.

I have sort of vaguely heard that, but I don’t see it. It was pretty good.

The biggest complaint that I see from the Major Fans is that Dean and Castiel didn’t fuck in the end.

Those fans need to cut their faces off. There was never an in show hint that Cas was sexually into Dean and tons of Dean being hetero.

They might as well be saying that breathing is the worst thing ever because neutron stars aren’t shoelaces.

To be fair, there are other arguments too, like that the main characters’ fates weren’t reflective or worthy of fifteen years’ worth of stories that changed and shaped them. But that’s just my impression; I haven’t had the interest sufficient to read through some of the essays going around.

I do believe many would criticize the “shallow” readings of those who liked or were satisfied with the ending, tho’.

There, I’d disagree - the main characters of the finale did show 15 years of growth from the main characters of the pilot. I think the structure of the finale was a good cap/epilogue to the series.

They did have to make some concessions for covid. There were some characters that probably should have/would have gotten a more complete/satisfying final scene if they could have easily traveled into Canada and been on set with a ton of people. But to me, the general storyline of the finale was still solid. Everything made sense based on what I’d seen for the past dozen or so years (I didn’t start watching from the beginning. I had to catch up a season or two in)

I got into Supernatural during my 9 months of unemployment this year, and have stuck my foot gingerly into the fandom. I liked the series finale, finding it sweet and hopeful. SPN Twitter has spent the time since it aired on Thursday screaming about it. Maybe I’m just too old to muster up all that energy for fictional characters.

I wasn’t crazy about the finale, but it could have been much worse. I feel OK about it.

I didn’t start watching until May 2014: I checked it out on a friend’s recommendation, and wound up binge-watching it pretty heavily. I was caught up before the 10th season started that October. So I’ve seen every episode, but I’ve only been along for the ride for the last six years.

Of course, you were correct! When I posted about a two-hour finale, it was based on a TV promo that I’d heard; the voiceover might have actually said “two-hour series finale event,” or something.

I stand by my earlier statement of being ready for the show to end, but it still felt weird to delete the Season Pass from my TiVo… :frowning:

The first 5 seasons were the best. It was still great at times, but it never got back up to the earlier heights again.