Supernatural March 25 1010 "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"

I’ll leave some spoiler space:

And a little more:

I did not expect to see Bobby’s wife. I’m suspecting that the people will live and be unable to die not matter what? Not the kind of life you’d want.

I assume this has to do with the arrival of Death.

I’m assuming OPEN SPOILERS since it’s aired on the West Coast.

This has never been the kind of show where plots are expected to make sense, but I’ll bitch anyway. Because for pete’s sake, is Death stupid or what? All he had to do was make one zombie – Bobby’s wife – and wait for her to kill him. Instead he makes bunches of zombies and draws Sam and Dean to town.

Something else that didn’t make sense was gathering people in the jail. What was that about? Sioux Falls is not a podunk town – you can’t round everybody up and put them in one place to keep them safe. And that scene went nowhere.

And the little boy eating daddy – he’s what? Five years old? A five-year-old lunges at a grown man, well, you just kick him – you don’t let him get his teeth in you long enough to kill you. They have little teeny teeth – how much damage can they do?

I did like Bobby’s wife’s pie-making binge, although if my spouse came back from the dead I can think of other types of binges that’d be more satisfying. :slight_smile:

This felt very much like a filler episode, but I don’t care – I’m just glad it’s back.

It took me 3 reads to finally realize that the Steve Martin movie hadn’t been made into a series. :smack: and :frowning:

It was entertaining to watch, but it doesn’t hold up to a lot of scrutiny. Eh.

Next week’s ep looks AWESOME.

I also found it a lot of fun.

The beginning had the kind of twist I love most from this show, when they met the zombie and he was all “I’m a taxpater” and the sheriff was “So what?” :stuck_out_tongue:

For a while I wondered if the sheriff was gonna become the new sexy huntress…

It was fun and the twist was neat.

Something else that bugged was Bobby saying that lightning storms were common in South Dakota in February – it’s still very much winter in February, and the ground should have been frozen. It made me wonder why they said February – why mention a month at all?

And why did people refer to Bobby as the town drunk? That was puzzling.

Maybe he is, especially with his crazy ideas and so forth.

He seemed to be drinking a lot the summer Dean was in hell. I don’t think that’s been referenced since, but maybe he didn’t let up afterwards.