Supernatural March 4 2011 "And Then There Were None"

Good to see Rufus and Bobby work together.

I’m still not sold on this “Mother/Eve” character as a villain. She just seems lame.

I predict Sam did not just kill Samuel. No way they take him out like that.

open spoilers after this post


So Samuel, that girl cousin, and Rufus all died in this episode?

Weak episode, then. Way too rushed and I can not believe they introduced these characters just to take them out like that. I do not like how they handled this.

I didn’t mind Samuel dying, but I thought it was cheap to take Rufus out that way.

With the way that characters die and come back, we probably haven’t seen the last of Rufus. I hope not, he’s got great chemistry with Bobby. I didn’t like this episode; seemed rushed, cheaply done, and not enough villain stuff.

Other than our main characters, who we have been told have died countless times and sent back, who has died and returned? Samuel, who died in the 1970’s.

That’s it, I think.

Rufus was Jewish?

Last night would have been a good time to summon Castiel if only to tell them what was happening on the other side of that door.

Bobby hasn’t been killed yet has he? Crippled and healed and possessed a few times, but not killed IIRC.

Hunters really really REALLY need to be better organized with a phone tree or ideally a web site or whatever.

I’m hoping Crowley’s not dead. He’s the best villain they’ve had in years. Or perhaps Gabriel- could be he faked his death once more than they realized and could enter himself into the running for Hell.

I loved the trucker giving Eve the Jesus pamphlet.

and of course

“werewolf dance party”

“it’s not rocket surgery”

I think Lucifer killed him in last season’s finale and Castiel brought him back.

I’ll miss Rufus. Maybe his heaven involves killing Crowley repeatedly. I would watch that.

Next week’s episode looks promising–from the preview it’s happening in the Old West and objects are falling onto people.

Yeah, everyone’s looking forward to the Old West episode. It’ll have something to do with The Colt.

sigh. Another X-Files retread*. I suppose it’s not technically plagiarism if you were involved with both shows, though.

“Born Under a Bad Sign” —> “Demons”
“Mystery Spot” —> “Monday”
“And then there Were None” —> “Ice”

Not next week…April 15.

I thought it was closer to ‘The Thing’ and countless other episodes/movies when you weren’t sure who was/wasn’t infected with some evil thing (or was a clone, etc).

I haven’t seen The Thing. Does it specifically involve people being infected by ear worms too? Because the X-Files episode in question does. Unlike “Monday”/“Mystery Spot” and “Demons”/“Born Under a Bad Sign” though, where he wrote both, John Shiban didn’t write either the Supernatural or borrowed from X-Files episode.

They repeatedly referred to it as The Khan Worm.

Can you really electrocute yourself and then stop? I’ve gotten minor shocks where I was temporarily paralyzed. I wouldn’t think they’d be able to move their arms away when they wanted to.

“Okay Sam, that’s probably enough.” (Twenty minutes later) “Okay Sam, that’s really enough.” (Smoke and blood pouring out everywhere.) “Oh crap, he’s dead.”

Actually, I think they only referred to it once as a Khan Worm. Dean referred to it repeatedly as a ‘herpe’. :smiley: meets :confused:

Rufus!!! Aw, I loved Rufus.

No Supernatural for six weeks. Dammit.

I thought he was saying “harpie”.