Supernatural March 4 2011 "And Then There Were None"

I think electrocute means to die from electricity, so I don’t think you can electrocute yourself and then stop…until your dead anyway. :smiley:

You’re right; if you’re electrocuted, you die. If you’re shocked, you’re still alive. You’re just not sure for a while.:eek:

Ha ha, okay, but my (poorly worded) question was, doesn’t the shock paralyze you so that once you start you can’t stop shocking yourself? And therefore you would need someone else to shock you even though it’s not as manly? Seeing as how you only want to shock yourself for a little while and not actually electrocute yourself to death?

Does Meg count?

I missed the episode. Is there anywhere I can see it online legally?

Also, TNT is going to start from the pilot episode on Wednesday for anyone who missed the first couple of seasons.

Hulu has it.

Why didn’t they salt and burn Rufus? I thought that was the standard hunter funeral.

I’ll correct myself, too. Bobby also died briefly in the last season finale, but Castiel(who kind of died, too) brought him back.

Maybe they did that off camera, before filling in the grave.

Maybe it was because of his Judaism. Obviously he wasn’t orthodox, but perhaps he believed in the burial rituals. (Bobby said he observed Sabbath whenever it was a good way to get him out of doing something he didn’t want to do.)

Jim Beaver just tweeted that Eric Kripke has returned and written the season finale.


But I thought he was killed along with Misha and Singer… my head hurts!