Supernatural Season 10 Ongoing discussion(spoilers as it airs)

Well, just about everything in this episode had some meaning. Checking out Gordon Lightfoot’s bio on Wikipedia, it seems he’s had a number of serious health issues; he was practically at death’s door, in fact. Then he recovered and got back to performing. So maybe it is about Dean returning to form.

Started really, really high…

I loved it a lot!

Dean may not have actually been exorcised. If you watch the episode where they turned a demon human, Sam didn’t do all steps with Dean. Or it could just be s continuity error. Time will tell.

I’m at a Supernatural convention now and Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley) just had a panel. He can’t confirm that he’s coming back but it is definitely a possibility.

There are going to be 10 US conventions next. If you’re a fan they’re a great deal of fun. Go if you can.

Re: Ep 200 - If they were going to bring up Adam and the amulet, they should have addressed The Voicemail. They missed a huge opportunity. Marie could have said she was going to deal with it in her script but ran out of time.
Other than that, a nice nod.

Do we have a Big Bad this year? Cole / Crowley / Metatron wouldn’t even make a good Legion of Doom.

At the convention Jensen & Jared confirmed said that they don’t know if any plans to bring Adam back or deal with his storyline


Sorry - I am in fact one of those people they are making fun of who read too much fanfic.

In the final episode of Season 4, when Sam makes the decision to follow Ruby and take on Lilith, he (apparently) receives a voicemail from Dean that sets Sam firmly on the path of releasing Lucifer. Dean’s real phone message was apologetic and brotherly, but what Sam heard* was altered by someone, probably Zachariah.

The failure of The Show to resolve The Voicemail (this is always capitalized) is a huge open sore. There is a feeling that Sam should have eventually found out that Dean had not said these things.

*Listen to me, you bloodsucking freak. Dad always said I’d either have to save you or kill you. Well, I’m giving you fair warning. I’m done trying to save you. You’re a monster, Sam – a vampire. You’re not you anymore. And there’s no going back.

It’s part of Sam’s character that he thinks he’s a freak. Going through life thinking Dean thought so, too, would have a big impact of the character.

Thanks. I discovered the series around season 5 and my wife and I ended up binge-watching the first four seasons* over what felt like a very long weekend. I suspect a few bits like this may have been lost in the shuffle.

But now that you mention it, wasn’t the Samulet supposed to glow in the presence of God? I remember Castiel saying that once. When and why did Dean throw it away?

  • Actually, we skipped most of season 1, because it was crap.

The amulet never actually worked. I don’t remember if Cas was confused, or just making things up. Part way through season 5, some high-up angel in a garden told Dean the amulet didn’t work, and that God was not available, and not going to help. Dean threw the amulet away in disgust.
I liked the 200th episode. Some people are apparently upset about the ‘queerbaiting’ in Cas & Dean’s relationship. I think they are cute together, but personally I never saw them as a couple. Am I just blind? What do people here think, were Supernatural writers queerbaiting?

Is there a place to legally stream/watch previous Season 10 episodes? I finished catching up on 9 after a few episodes of 10 had aired…

I loved the other night’s episode, by the way. One of the better stand alone episodes they have had in a few years.

iTunes, if you don’t mind paying for them.

Eh, depends on how much they cost, I guess. Does the CW re-run them at all, consistently?

$2.99 each, for HD.

You can watch them for free on the CW website or on their app. <checks CW website> They seem to have all of the S10 eps except for the first, so maybe they take them off after a certain number of weeks. That’s how I’ve been watching S10. I haven’t watched Tuesday’s episode yet.

As to the queerbaiting, I don’t think the writers are queerbaiting. I think the reference was just supposed to be a funny nod to all of the Destiel shippers. Personally I don’t think there has been much, if any, support for Destiel in the actual show, but the fandom sure loves to ship it*.

*In case anyone here is not fluent in Fangirl, Destiel=Dean+Castiel relationship, ship = relationship, ship it = in favor of a certain relationship, and shipper = someone who supports a certain ship.

See, I have the CW app on my XBOX, and they didn’t have Supernatural Season 10 episodes on there. Maybe I’ll check again, or maybe it’s strictly for particular versions of the app.

Weird. I’ve watched the S10 eps on my android tablet using the CW app, and on the CW website. That would be grossly unfair if they’re not offering the S10 eps for the xbox.

Well, the website served my purpose for 10.2 thru 10.6. I’ll catch 10.1 when it rotates onto Netflix next year.

Loved the 200th episode!

Just watched S10E9, The Things We Left Behind.

I was underwhelmed by the episode, as it feels like the characters are just wandering around. No sense of real story arc. There is the Mark of Cain thing, of course, but somehow I’m not very invested in it. Meh.

It was nice to have Castiel meet up with Sam and Dean again, though. And I liked finding out what happened to Jimmy Novak, and seeing more of Crowley.