Supernatural Season 10 Ongoing discussion(spoilers as it airs)

There was a time when this show warranted a thread for every episode, but we stopped that a few seasons ago.

Anyway, the premiere for the 10th season is tonight. I won’t watch it until tomorrow, but I figure we should go ahead and get this bad boy going.

Dean is a demon, after dying again. Sam is going after him to figure out how to make him human. Crowley is doing something. Cas has lost his grace, but I assume he’ll figure out a way to get that back.

Their 200th episode will air in a few weeks. It will pass X-files soon and I think it will pass Stargate SG-1 this year as one of the longest running Scifi/Fantasy shows on TV.

It’s not what it used to be, but it is still good and I can’t wait to start the new season.

I watched it last night when I got home from work. I liked it. Loved Dean and his badassery, particularly at the end of the episode. Also, going back for the porn. Loved Crowley, I don’t know what he’s up to, but as long as he keeps being Crowley, I am good with it. I like Castiel, and I think Misha Collins is terrific, but they need to do something about the angels. I don’t really understand why Cas gets a free pass to stay on Earth and do his thing, but Daniel and whatserface have to go back to Heaven. Sam was meh for me this episode, but at least he got a haircut.

I watched their Very Special Supernatural Special the night before and it seems they “could go on forever”. I think they should probably wrap it up after this year. If they can plan it, that’s the way to go. Don’t get caught off guard by a mid season cancellation.

I say do season 11 and then end there.

I can live with that :smiley:

If they are going to end it, I hope they contrive a happy ending. Though I’m not sure what that would look like since those characters have basically never been happy.
Just saw the first ep. It was weird and sad having three separate storylines. Maybe that was the feeling they were going for.

Crowley stole the show, with a bunch of good lines. I don’t understand what he is up to with Dean. Obviously trying to win him over, but why does he keep giving him demons to kill keep the Mark of Cain satiated. Surely Dean on a rampage would be better value. So far his demonic side is fairly petty.

Did Dean say something about not being fully a demon yet? If so, is that true, or just what Crowley wants him to think?

I stopped watching this show in the fourth season I think, at the time it was obviously building to some kind of finale. I think I heard they basically had that finale and just kept going.

Is it worth it to jump back in? I remember the show getting obnoxiously fannish even in the early seasons at times, so I was never a giant fan but it was an ok time waster.

I would certainly continue through to season 5, where it does indeed have a natural finale. Past that? Well, if you quit before, you will quit again. The quality has not dropped to horrible or anything, but it is not as good as those first 5 years.

I still enjoy it, though.

I started watching Supernatural on Netflix a couple of months ago and am now pretty much addicted. shakes fist Curse you Netflix and your 190-odd episodes of Supernatural! Unfortunately for me, I am just starting season 8. I did watch a bit of the first S10 episode, just because I wanted to see what Demon!Dean was up to. And Cass. And Crowley. I liked what I saw, but I decided to concentrate on finishing S8 and S9 before watching S10.

As far as the the overall series goes, I think the recurring characters get better later in the later seasons. Castiel, Bobby, Crowley, The Trickster, Charlie, etc. I still like Sam and Dean, but Castiel and Crowley steal the show a lot.

I saw part of an interview with Jared and Jensen where one of them said that the only way they see the show ending is with both of them dying. Because if they are alive then they are still hunting.

The first 5 years had a complete story arc and one show runner – Eric Kripke. Once his story was finished he moved on in spite of the show’s renewal for a 6th season. Unfortunately, the show runner position was handed over to Sara Gamble. She’s written some great scripts but seemed to be really out of depth taking charge of the show and seasons 6 & 7 suffered for it. They had some stellar episodes but the story arc and big bads were lacking.

Jeremy Carver took over in season 8 and the show greatly improved. I can see people binge watching and giving up somewhere in the 6th or 7th season but it really does get much better after that. The arc that they’re crafting now supposedly could go through season twelve. Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki has expressed interest in staying on for another couple of seasons and the president of the CW is still enthusiastic about it so it may go on.

Supernatural airs its 200th episode tonight, a milestone I never imagined it would hit a few years ago when it was close to cancellation. Should be a fun one, even if you haven’t watched in a few years.

I couldn’t help myself, I read a summary of episode 200, complete with spoilers, while I have yet to watch it myself (that’s later tonight)… but for those who saw it already…

The return of Chuck??? GOD LIVES!!!

I had DVRed it and just watched it tonight. Oh My God, that was the best episode I’ve seen in YEARS!

It was good, especially the second half. I don’t know if I liked the opening 15 minutes or so, though. Still, it ended up being fun.

I loved every second of it. I have had such a hard time processing it today. My brain is overwhelmed from laughing and from surprise. They did such a good job.

I thought it was great, too. The “Huddle up…Ghooost FACERS!” Samulet, the jerk/bitch exchange, the Chuckster…wowsers!

“Who’s that?”

“That’s Adam, John’s third son. He’s still trapped in the cage with Lucifer.”

I’m guessing that Chuck isn’t “back” per se, more of a cameo that more or less confirms the “Chuck is God” fan theory. Still, nice to see him there. Too bad we couldn’t get some Gabriel love, too.

I wonder if they’re going to try to get him out this season.

I loved it. For the most part, I like the meta-episodes and this was a good one. The reactions when they walked into the theater were priceless. “One Manly Tear” and “I’ll wait” were hysterical. It was a nice 200th episode.

I still don’t see any confirmation of this theory.

I do hope they think to save Adam. Seriously, that is massively awkward that they left him. They got Bobby more or less immediately.

I finally got around to watching the 200th episode last night. Loved it!

Yes! And I thought “The Road So Far” was actually a pretty good song. :slight_smile: “Carry On Wayward Son” was more affecting than I thought it would be.

Yay, I am finally caught up on all the Supernatural episodes! Boo, I have to wait a week for a new one with everyone else.

Loved the 200th episode. My favorite part was when Sam and Dean were discussing Destiel. “Shouldn’t it be Dee-stiel?” “Shut up.” “What about Casdean?” “Shut your mouth.” (or something like that - I don’t remember the exact words)

I think it’s really nice how the writers have embraced the Supernatural fan community. It’s one of the reasons why I love the show.

Do you think there’s any significance to Dean listening to Gordon Lightfoot while working on baby?

The only thing I come up with is that it’s signalling that there is no evil left in him (evil people don’t listen to Gordon do they?) Or is it just a nod to their Canadian filming location?