Survivor 11/12: A Wrinkle In The Plan

There are very few people whom I have the overwhelming urge to kick in the rubber parts. Alec and his brother are two of them.

Happy to see the vote go the way it did. I liked Josh, dude knew how to play the game, but I like Jeremy more.

Also, halfway through the episode, I said that Jaclyn was gonna get her and Jon to flip - I just really get the vibe from their relationship that she’s the one who makes the decisions in the end. Sure enough… they flipped and went her way.

Alec really does have no idea how to relate/understand women. What a douchenozzle.[/spoiler]

I’m having trouble concentrating on the story line because of Jaclyn. She has to have one of the most fabulously beautiful bodies that I’ve ever seen.

I know it has nothing to do with the game. But I can’t understand why all the men treat her so badly.

Maybe it goes back to those childhood games where if a boy likes a girl, he has no idea how to express that except for treating her badly. I remember when I was ten or eleven, boys would often hit a girl or call her names or make her cry if they liked her. They just didn’t know any other way to express themselves.

Stupid? Yes, of course. But when looking at Jaclyn’s body, it’s difficult to keep a thought in my head. Did you see the bikini she was wearing in the “next week’s preview” last night? It was just jaw dropping. She is one of the most beautiful ladies I’ve ever seen.

I hope she lasts a long time in the game and provides us with some truly entertaining scenes.

I have to pity the foolish guys who all treat her so badly. They just have no idea how to behave when John is sent to Exile Island. It’s amazing how no one seems to understand why they all treat her so differently when John is present vs when he is absent.

John seems to me to be one of the dumbest men ever to appear on this game. He is so dense that he is almost brain dead. It’s pretty obvious that Jaclyn is the one who makes the decisions in that couple. John just does not have the brains to make any decision. Although he did display some smarts when he found that HII. I couldn’t figure out the clue.

So what you’re saying is you like Jaclyn?


I think it’s ridiculous that everyone who finds a HII automatically thinks they’ve just changed the game. How many HIIs wind up sitting in someone’s pocket while they get blindsided?

My favorite line of the night, from Keith - “Wes is a good kid. He ain’t been to jail yet.”

I think you are right on the money.

I don’t understand why so many people think that an II (hidden or not) is so valuable. IMO, they are hardly valuable at all.

You have to guess correctly as to when you are about to be voted off and that is not at all easy. It is very difficult to do that.

Then even if you do guess correctly once you use the idol and thwart the plans of the others, they will then try to vote you off every week. I know that plan has not succeeded for one reason or another. But it sure does make you a target.

In any case, the HII is just the most over-valued item in the game, in my opinion. I know that many folks disagree with me on that point. But, it sure does seem pretty clear to me.

What do you all think about that?

Magic of editing. Of course the guys are in “Deer camp” and are coarse. But that’s Survivor. Only one guy was being a dick and he IS a dick.

It’s great when your alliance has 5 and there’s has 6, so they vote for you, and your alliance votes for one of theirs, thus it’s now 5 vs 5.

It is difficult to get people who are sure they are not going home to go after someone who is suspected to have the hidden immunity idol. Not everyone is playing to win.

Oh damn, totally forgot about that. Yeah, it had my entire group in stitches so hard we had to rewind and re-watch the next few minutes we laughed over.

The problem with the HII is that people always feel the need to tell others they have it. Once it lets slip, everyone else immediately starts figuring out a way to blindside that person. It only works when you actually keep it hidden, and don’t have to worry about being blindsided (or hit with a split vote). Jon’s actually in a good position here - he can get the burden off his chest by telling Jaclyn, who will not betray him. Far different from most situations where someone gets it and they just HAVE to tell someone. (I’ve actually been impressed that Keith hasn’t told anyone yet, though he did kinda let it slip by trying to accuse Jeremy of having it)

Have they ever stated, from this season or previous, what the rules are for the couples and the final prize? In normal Survivor, getting caught making a deal with another player to split the prize if you help each other is against the rules, and grounds for being disqualified from the game. But that clearly can’t apply here - for the married couples, it’s impossible to prevent them from sharing the money - what are they going to do, audit the winner for the rest of his life to make sure he never spends a penny of the winnings on his wife?

But for everyone else, that doesn’t apply. There’s nothing in the normal rules to prevent say Jon from winning the game and not giving a penny to Jaclyn. Or do the rules say the couple will split the prize if either wins, even if the other member of the couple was voted out on day 1?

Seems pretty straightforward to me. Each person gets their individual prize money. Standard “no-sharing” rules apply to everyone except your loved one.

And I have to agree with Charlie. It was hard to tell in the early episodes, but several episodes ago when Jaclyn went to exile island in her bikini, hooo boy. That woman’s body just doesn’t quit.

Was so happy to see Josh go, only because Bailor is my eye candy this season. Rooting for her to make it to final 3 only because I’m extremely shallow. For a secondary reason, I also really like Jeremy. Nothing against Josh, who I might have been rooting for if he wasn’t gunning for the alliance that includes Bailor and Jeremy.

So you think the non-related couples just have to trust each other that if their loved one wins they’ll give them half the cash?

I don’t follow. Trust them with what?

Let’s use an example, let’s say Rocker and Julie, and Julie wins. Julie gets awarded the million. Julie is under no obligation to share any of that money with Rocker. Julie is allowed to share the million with Rocker if she wants to, but under standard Survivor rules she isn’t allowed to share it with anyone else from her season.

OK, I get your point now. I guess I was thinking that for say a working class couple like Jeremy and Val, there’s a pretty rock solid assumption they’re going to work together 100%, since there’s no way they wouldn’t be sharing the money 50/50. Whereas for a parent/child or unmarried couple or siblings, the winner has no requirement, legal or otherwise, to share with their loved one, so they may not work together as a team during the entire game.

It would just be interesting to know if the producers told them “It doesn’t matter which of you wins, we’re going to split the prize between both of you” or “The winner can share any amount they choose with their partner, including $0.”

Oh, gotcha. I didn’t understand what you meant.

I can see the thought of production splitting the prize money among pairs, but I don’t think they would because that would tend to undercut the social dynamic experiment they seem to be going for. The “money shot” of last Blood vs Water was when that daughter voted her mother out. I don’t think something like that would happen if they were splitting the winnings.

I’d say that the HII is potentially useful, but it is usually not used effectively at all. I always roll my eyes whenever a player finds a HII, crows “I found an idol! I’m safe!” and then proceeds to hide it somewhere and keep it a secret.

A good example of an idol being used creatively and strategically is Parvati giving away two idols in Season 20.

If I was on Survivor and found a HII, I’d use it as a negotiating tool, or to blindside somebody as Parvati did — or just tell everyone about it and take my chances. But keeping it a secret, and guessing the right time to use it, is the worst possible option IMHO.

Well, in a Community Property state, the point is rather moot, no?

I can see them doing so just to avoid bad press. Say Baylor & Missy went to the final TC, Missy won, then refused to share any money with Baylor, who immediately went to the press, and sued her mother claiming they had an agreement to split any money. Sure, it’s not Survivor’s fault if they made it clear it’s up to each person if they want to share, but I’d think they wouldn’t want that kind of publicity.