Survivor 2 Fantasy Pick 'Em

Ok, so I’m bored. I’m winning my Fantasy College Basketball games and I notice there’s Fantasy Survivor 2 Pick 'Em. I created the Straight Dope Survivors and my team is the BabyEatingDingos.
Anyone wanna join?

click here

Group #1836
PW = cecil

I kinda forgot about playing KungFuMadness, but I’ll try to commit to this game.

That’s twisted! That’s sick! That’s a total waste of time.
Ahh what the heck. I’m in.

First and only bump from me. Week 1 starts Sunday and if nobody other than milroyj and smug has joined by that time, they probably won’t later. After the Superbowl, this thread will sink like…uh… a sink.

No, wait, I got it! The Titanic!

I’m in. I’m travelling under the incredibly original assumed name of “Connor”. Try not to get confused.

How’re y’all going about the first week’s pick? Anyone evenly distributing their points, or going for an all or nothing approach? Personally (I don’t really care if I tell you what I’m doing - it won’t matter until the end), I’m splitting the points up between 4 people who I think have a good chance of biting it.

I’m in. I picked people who I thought would survive and then spread the points between the rest. It’s too early to get a good feel because we haven’t seen them yet.

I chose 2 people I thought would kick the can early on, one from each team, to be safe. I best be right, otherwise I start off on the wrong foot.