Survivor 4/30/09

Watching Coach at work … yeah, you’ve still got a say in where this game is going, uh huh.


Debbie could sure fork it out to Sierra, but she’s not liking how it feels on the opposite end.

Sierra is a fool. Even if she planned on stabbing Coach and Debbie in the back, she should have pretended to align with them so she had a Plan B in case Taj/Stephen/JT decided to vote her off.

Stephen should have sent Debbie to Exile Island. There hasn’t been a new hidden immunity idol and the challenge proved to Erinn that she was low woman on the totem pole in her alliance.

JT and Stephen are officially idiots. Taking out Sierra was the absolute wrongest play they could do.

If they removed Debbie, that would have left the tight three of JT, Stephen and Taj and the remaining three of Coach, Sierra and Erinn. Those three do not get along, at all. JT, Stephen and Taj would have cruised to final three because they could then have played all three of the remaining against each other every vote.

But not now. Erinn the schemer is coming home and it’s going to be 3-3 next week, you watch.

Unless Coach is stupid enough to let his JT man-crush get in the way.

Debbie is dead to me.

No not the lying, she said “supposably,” and any principal that does that should lose his or her job.

As far as word-manglings go, I think Sierra wins with “preseverance.”

And I agree that JT and Stephen and constantly blowing moves. Sierra has no inroads and could have easily been a holding vote in the next few days. Instead they still have the Debbie/Coach team to worry about, and I question how loyal Erinn and even Taj would be to JT/Stephen when pressed. JT and Stephen might be good for one more week, but I could see their going out in 4th and 5th if they don’t play their cards right (which, judging on their actions so far…is unlikely).

Agreed. Coach being a self-righteous liar is expected (does no one know their Hamlet, sheesh), but I did not expect Debbie to tear up when she got called on her crap.

Wasn’t it Jesus who said “Forgive them for they know not what they do” rather than Stephen the Martyr?

Yes, in Luke 23:34.

Luke 23:34: “23:34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.”

Is Stephen supposed to have said this too or is Coach just an idiot?

I think this was a good move. If they had taken out Debbie, the jig would have been up, and Coach, Erinn, and Sierra would get together. By taking out Sierra, Coach and Debbie feel safe and have no reason to scramble.

But why would Sierra join up with them? JT et al would have just saved her twice.

This was my initial take as well - and it was basically JT’s argument. Why rock the boat before you have to? Even though they voted out Sierra it’s pretty clear they don’t trust Coach and have no problems voting him off when it’s necessary. They certainly had no problem blind-siding Tyson last week!

The big question is Erinn - and we haven’t heard much from her lately strategy-wise. They also have the idol if they feel they need it.

Has either of the rocket scientists that went to Exile Hilltop checked tree mail to see if perhaps a hidden idol has been returned after a vote off?

I thought they said something about check tree-mail again…

Speaking of which, do Coach and Debbie has any idea that there’s another idol? They’ve never been to exile so they have no way of knowing the idol was back at camp. And Brendon said he had it.

Thanks enalzi.

Also, what I came in for originally and forgot… could anybody make out what Erinn wrote on the ballot? It looked like “NEVER AGAIN hgfklagjhk.”

It said:

Never again.

Is she promising to never vote for Stephen again?

Thanks for posting that.

With Erinn I have no clue what she means. However, I am guessing Erinn goes very far because of the minimal screen time so far. Or the editor’s are messing with me.

The only thing that I can say for certainty about this season is that I don’t get it. I have been wrong about every sigle bootee since there were ten or twelve left. I guess that Coach is the one that everyone wants to take to the final two, although there seem to be at least three other contestants that fit that bill.

My guess is that Coach is a much bigger asshole than what we are seeing in the edited show and that is why he is still around. In fact, there must be a bumper crop of assholes left because everyone knows that Taj, while a likeable person, is worth millions already. Those types usually get voted out early.

There’s really not much to say – Sierra, who was in really no alliance, was voted off. She did her best to paint her former team as sneaking no-goods, but the other alliance were far from surprised from the news, although her demonstration planted seeds with Stephen and JT… I think, and we’ll see.

Debra is the very definition of “crocodile tears”. Coach’s definition… nah, too easy.

I thought that it meant “swear to never send me to Exile Island again.”

I thought it meant “I’ll never vote for you to be booted again.” but it was a really stupid thing for her to do, even if she was pissed that he sent her to Exile Island.

I thought it was hysterical that Coach finally won one challenge and he crows that he’s the “Dragonslayer” again. I actually think that he’s so mentally off balance that people tend to underestimate him. He’s like the wacky uncle that everyone tries to ignore at Thanksgiving. But so far, he’s been squeaking by and they really need to get rid of him when they can.

Coach’s face when Sierra was exposing his lies at the Tribal Council was priceless. And Brandon’s grin after he passed was funny, too. Tyson still looked absolutely pissed and I’m glad he got voted off because he ended up being a vindictive a-hole.