Survivor 5-4

Am I missing this weeks thread?

i guess I am the only one here watching and posting. that made me cry and surprised me as well.

I was sort of grossed out by the close up of INShanes chest but now we know what it says and what it means. I don’t think I want to know what the one on his backside really says. And by the way what a really boring tatoo. It looks like a city name on an atlas.

Shane is such a dumbass. I’m sure Terry is a jerk but 5 immunities in a row is pretty fucking amazing.

I was simply amazed by Aras’s take on the family thing. Mothers are more important for visits than spouses? It’s been 33 days? Poor baby! I had no idea you were afflicted with an uncut umbilicus. It’s been about two months since I’ve seen my mom. This is par for the course, given that we live almost 200 miles apart. Have you ever lived away from home, Aras?

I agree jayjay. I thought Terry’s choices were entirely intelligent, and I would have done the same thing. Plus the scene where Terry’s wife siad don’t hurt me or be gentle or whatever was hilarous IMO.

Regardless of Terry being a jerk or not, he is a very impressive player.

Maybe it’s editing, but Aras sure comes off as a sore loser…he goes on about how Terry’s abrasiveness makes him even more competitive, but then when he loses the immunity challenges, he goes on about how it doesn’t matter.

Despite a real lack of interesting characters, this season is really quite good. The recent scheming has been excellent. No doubt Cerie is the smartest one left. I think she wins it.

For all of Terry’s physical abilities, he can not figure out what is really going on in that camp, can he? He is utterly clueless when it comes to the mental part of the game. He hasn’t been on the right side of a vote yet.

I don’t know that it’s his fault. The Casayas made no secret of their desire to Pagong the LaMinas.

I felt bad for Terry having to decide who didn’t get to see the loved ones, but then I remembered: two of them were moms. I would have done exactly the same thing, except I might have sent Boston back to camp with Shane and let Cirie take her husband to the resort. Aras in an ass and Terry is right: Aras won’t understand until he gets married.

Lamar Mundane, I’d love it if you were right about Cirie - she has been my favorite player for a while - but I can’t see it happening. I can’t imagine her winning immunity at F3 (she would be up against Terry and either Aras or Danielle), and she would be the last person any of the others would want to take to F2.

Terry - would probably take Danielle at this point.
Aras - ditto.
Danielle - her best option is to take Terry
Cirie - could beat any of them, but would probably take Danielle. But won’t get the chance.

I predict that Cirie goes next (sniff!) and we see a F2 of Terry and Danielle.

I’m still reeling over Courtney’s hair. C’mon! You’re on the jury now! You’re supposed to come out tan, relaxed and professionally coiffed. Did you not get the memo?

Great episode!

I never fall for the “make you doubt” scheme Survivor uses about who is going home. This week had actual doubt about who will vote what. Great suspense.

Spoilers say that Terry loses the final three immunity challenge and is voted out, leaving a man and a woman in the final two, Aras and either Danielle or Cirie.

Can someone refresh my memory?

I thought that when Jeff first talked about the hidden idol, he said something about it only being good up to Final Four. IOW, the thing is now an ugly souvenir, no more.

But if so, why wasn’t anything said at tonight’s council? I mean, once Shane is gone and Jeff is doing his little parting sermon.

I have two theories:

  1. I’m all wet about it not being any use past FF.

  2. I’m remembering correctly but the PTB are hoping, for the sake of drama, that the players HAVE forgotten. So that, for examply, Terry decides to slack off at the next IC and loses. So everyone votes for him at the next TC. Then Terry whips out his HI with a big AHA! And then Jeff can sneer at him and snuff him.

Just a thought.

Terry said clearly tonight that it would take him to the final three, but it doesn’t seem like anyone else remembers it. If I were Terry, I’d still fight for the last immunity so he can award immunity (and possibly buy a vote) to the person HE chooses.

Everyone keeps saying that Terry can’t win a jury vote - I don’t know, he’s the only one who hasn’t burned anyone badly yet. Did you see Courtney stick out at her tongue at Danielle? I have a feeling she’d vote for Terry over a remaining Casaya. Shane would also vote for Terry.

All of Aras’ posturing about Terry not building jury votes - ha, it’s Aras that is doing a shitty job stacking the jury.

I thought it was the final two.

Useful until the final four, inclusive, is what I thought I’d heard oh so long ago.

Aras is a whiny little brat.

Go Terry, I truly hope he wins it all. He’s earned it much more than any others to this point.

it is through the final four, after that it is useless, so Terry is guaranteed the final 3…

Am I the only one who thinks Shane’s son looks like Jodie Foster?

Double interesting viewing tonight…watching with both Aras and his mom. She was glad it went down the way it did…she said if she had spent more time with Aras than a hug, she would have spent the entire time getting into his head about the game, and that’s just not the type of relationship they had.

Sure, I’m biased, but I saw Aras’s speech to Terry being more along the lines of “don’t downplay the significance that someone has with their parents.” He was more defending Danielle than himself.

Interestingly, Aras’s mom, Danielle’s mom and Cirie’s husband all could not stand Terry’s wife…and this was the day they spent together at a hotel in Panama prior to heading out for the game. Aras’s mom and Danielle’s mom grew kind of close over the couple days they spent together, even though Danielle’s mom spent a lot of time in her hotel room in tears…they did get to go visit the tribal council staging area, though, while the other three were with their loved ones.

Wow. Cirie is in charge. Or maybe it’s Cirie/Aras. I’m happy to see Shane ousted, and I figured he’d be the one to go if he didn’t win the IC.

Question: Can Terry use the secret immunity idol at any time-- even in the final 3 IC? I’ve never heard the rules spelled out. Obviously he thinks he can use it in the final 4 TC. If so, then I suspect Dannielle will be the one to go next week unless she earns immunity. She’s smart (pre the previews) to try and team up with Terry. It’s so freakin’ obvious that Cirie and Aras have the tightest alliance around.

The crazy thing is, they eliminated all the obvious players that anyone would want to take to the final 2. At this point, I think Dannielle is the best bet. She hasn’t done shit, while Aras and Cirie seem to be pretty well liked by most. Who does Terrry want to take the final 2? It looks like Courtney and (now) Shane realize they were screwed by Cirie. Do they vote against her, or vote for her for playing a good game?