Survivor Feb. 25, 2010 [open spoilers]

in 20 minutes Heroes vs Villains
Episode Title: That Girl is Like a Virus

Marlo Thomas is in this episode?
Can the Heroes win a challenge?
Is James going to act like an ass?
Will Rupert still sound like he is “up in smoke”?
Will Jeri and Coach continue their showmance?

  1. Can the Heroes win a challenge?

Oh, yes.

  1. Is James going to act like an ass?

Of course.

  1. Will Rupert still sound like he is “up in smoke”?

Uh, yep, I guess so.

  1. Will Jeri and Coach continue their showmance?

Kind of.

I kind of liked Randy this year.

Too bad.

Like the symbolism of Randy throwing the buff into the fire.

I thought the Heroes were a stronger tribe, but 8-0 in that challenge? James will not be in contention for the Rupert prize this year as fan favorite.

Has anybody else ever thrown away their buffs? Stephenie should have done that last week.

James wasn’t too bad, actually, he didn’t respond much to Randy and Courtney’s lame taunting. Probably because he’d won.

Randy is perhaps the externally-ugliest person to play the game (for interior-ugliness, gotta go with Corinne from Gabon [performs Italian mal d’oro ritual]) but he is probably absolutely right about Parvati. I really don’t know why everybody ganged up on the Randstar, I mean Russ got knocked out just as fast as he did and he wasn’t facing a brick wall of a guy.

Speaking of Russ, as we’re forced to do every week thanks to the editors, I didn’t get it in Samoa and don’t get it here (yes, I know it’s still Samoa)–how does his messing up his tribe’s own nest work?

Step 1: Sabotage something.
Step 2:
Step 3: Profit for Russell!

Boston Rob just seems pissed at him in the previews (and he’s still got his hat).

seriously you gonna say Randy is the weakest because he was ousted by Big James in the immunity challenge? Like wtf? why get a senior to fight the best of the Heroes? That was the lamest vote off ever. I love Randy and his curmudgeony ways. He didn’t do much ass saving either, like he wanted to be voted out. The villains need to get rid of the girls, the girls in the villain tribe are gonna eventually team up and take the guys out.

Russell messing up with his own tribe is supposed to create dissension and conflict. With the emotions running high with the loss of the machete, he assumes people will be edgier and less nice. After having toyed with people emotionally, he can come in and dictate what he wants to do in terms of voting and such because everyone will be thinking emotionally and not rationally like he’d be doing because he knows what he did caused chaos.

That’s a good explanation, but then if I were a Villain I’d immediately start wondering WHY Russell was so sanguine about the machete…

Parvati has amazing game skills.

I doubt he was sanguine about it. He might have even instigated it, by saying “wtf is the machete? i need it to chop wood for fire!” or perhaps acted all pissed off too when someone mentioned it. Parvati shoulda been the one to go, villains made a mistake with letting the who-the-fuck-is-this-old-guy Randy. He woulda been a good swing vote, perhaps more loyal than Parvati, and his social game sucked ass, they coulda used him up a lot more than how they can use Parvati. Perhaps they’re all thinking Parvati won one, so she’s a good final two person.

Randy is a dick, and deserved to vanish early. Not having to look at his ugly mug is going to make the show that much more watchable.

that immunity/reward challenge was SOOOOO stacked for the heroes. Heroes have pretty much all the really athletic strong guys and girls. Not a single brain cell usage with that challenge, and because of that it was a clean sweep. How can the viewer not see that? THe heroes rolled through the other physical parts of challenges yet to be stymied by the brain part. This challenge needed some sort of leveling of the playing field.

I’m still bummed that Randy got the boot. I wanted him to go far. Perhaps I’ll cheer for Courtney and Tyson, i like their confessionals, they amuse me.

how did he deserve to be voted off so early? It didn’t seem as if he was dickish to any of the Villains from the start. He just didn’t try to blend in and talk it up with people. He was a good character to have later on to make snide assholish comments. Stuff like “roll it on Rupert’s toe” from last week. I like that kinda of stuff!

I’ve hated Randy since Gabon. It’s good to finally get some sweet, sweet relief from him.

then your burning hatred has been quelled. You weren’t lucky enough to be rid of him once and for all like me and the retard Shambo from last season. I get your hate. But I must disagree with Randy, at least he isn’t clueless to the game in the depths of a Shambo. Randy brought the crankiness, the determination in challenges and the amusing confessionals.

I hope we get to see the personal items next week. Did James bring one of his unused Hidden Immunity Idols? It looked like a big wooden square.

In a probably vain hope that a Power-that-be from CBS visits this board: the show needs two challenges per episode. I got bored and wandered off for a while until they finally got around to the challenge.

The producers clearly had to try generate some suspense by suggesting the Parvati possibility when it was actually a unanimous Randy vote. It made me wonder whether the producers have ever blindsided the viewers by buliding up an A or B scenario, only to have a completely surprising vote-out of someone else.

I think that part was actually a good strategy (not that it did them any good.) James is clearest the strongest person there. Why put up the strongest villain against him, who will most likely lose, only to then have Randy go up against another strong Hero that the other Villain might have been able to best? Better to just assume James will win his round, and try to keep the others as evenly matched as possible.

I don’t think so. Because everyone would be going WTF?
Sandra: “Apparently, our machete grew two legs and wandered off”

It seems to me that the contestants had to be briefed a little bit on Russell. Parvati and Rob and extremely wary of him. My guess is that they were not briefed on his in-tribe sabotage.

I think they created the possibility of Parvati because Probst always asks the question about former meetings in the past having an affect to people’s perception of them. Parvati played with other people in the game and they wanted to use this angle to create drama where there was none to be had. Unless they’re trying to plant seeds for the future about Parvati’s relationships. Hopefully she goes soon. She may be easy on the eyes but she’s gonna be hard to beat once she gets an alliance going for her.

it’s a good strat, but them voting him out because he’s the weakest is stupid. Some of the women were pathetic too. Parvati is a boxer, couldn’t she have won her match? Courtney brings nothing to the table, she sat out last week and this week. Why not her?

I thought the same person couldn’t sit out two challenges in a row. Or does that only apply when you have a reward plus an immunity challenge in the same epsiode?