Survivor March 11 2010

I’d feel worse for James if he hadn’t been acting like such a jerk so far this year. I still don’t get what exactly happened to his knee.

Spoiler space now for the rest.

Poor Tom. I thought after last week, Colby and he were going to go deeper.

Then again, keeping James until the merge might be a good idea since he’s looking weak now and probably can’t win the individual challenges.

i love how the Villains end up winning things. Tom was a bad choice, why would James be more an asset with a bum knee than Tom. I hope the Heroes get clean sweeped from now on. Villains need to win so that Boston Rob doesn’t get booted with the new Parv Russell and Coach alliance coming together.

Coach is pure entertainment value. He’s delusional but good TV, i can’t stop laughing at the guy’s antics.

I think he twisted or sprained his knee. They said something of stretching a muscle i think, whatever that means.

I think there’ll be talking from the Villains when they see Tom gone and an injured James still in. They’ll remember what Randy said about Parv’s old alliance “micronesia 2.0” i think he called it. Parv will be looking mighty bad but Russell’s HII and secret alliance might save her. Seriously this season is awesome.

Why not Rupert?

Hey, I liked Rupert in his season. Stealing and selling the other team’s shoes? That was funny. He was a pirate.

But now I can’t stand the sight of him. He’s just too morose. A real downer.

seriously wtf was with that Jerri face slam to the fence?

What purpose in the game was it? Rupert just being a bully to me. There was no ball in play in the vicinity. The Heroes have 2 gimps now. Good luck winning physical challenges now.

Loving this season. The Heroes are mooks. The Villains are working with direction and purpose. But what was all the joy in a Chocolate Challenge? It’s Day 11, fer Og’s sake. You can’t do without chocolate for 2 weeks?

more like wtf is with the Heroes’ men being almighty and not even tasting the chocolate. As if eating the chocolate is some sign of weakness. I was even more elated that they lost. They didn’t even get that small taste.

Tyson saying he’s Rob’s new Amber… Funny confessional.

It was hard to tell, but it really looked like he was rolling her off of him and didn’t mean to slam her into the fence$

Re: chocolate. The ladies I’ve seen during the, what 18? seasons I’ve watched Survivor have seemed to get oogly over chocolate in a way I just don’t understand. I tended toward the same reaction as Colby – chocolate?? Who the hell wants chocolate? I’m in a rainforest, its hot! Chocolate does not compute. I thought I was seeing the same split among the tribe members on each side - the girls were excited, the guys were: meh, whatevuh.

I have trouble buying that James will be fine. I admit that it was left pretty unclear what the deal was (they seemed to be suspecting a possible ligament tear, but I’m not sure if you can diagnose that without an MRI or at least something more than they had available in the jungle). But with a brace like the one he was wearing… doesn’t look good.

I really can’t see any Hero winning this thing at this point. They keep trying different approaches to win the challenges but can’t come up with the answer - they’re too fractured, it’s just too late. Everyone’s already thinking too far forward and they’re stuck in their alliances. When you’ve got people like Rupert saying “let’s just go with Tom” and Amanda turning into a pile of tears because OMG JAMES IS GONE WAHHH its clear their priorities aren’t in the right place. Also definitely a case of too many chiefs, not enough squaws.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see how the Boston Rob/Russell thing plays out because I think they’re both power players to look out for. They’ll be in the running to win it all. I think Pavarti has a chance too if she can survive 'til the merge. I can see Jerri winning it too for some reason.

Man oh man, I would never have predicted at the start of the season that the Heroes would be getting beat so regularly and so thoroughly.

And agree, Tom wasn’t the person to get rid of – Rupert is a waste of psychic energy at this point. No need to get rid of Tom yet; it’s not like he has anything going on other than the alliance with Colby, which is (was) completely static as an element in the game, no threat to anyone.

Admittedly, I have not been as rabid a follower in the past couple of seasons as I was before, but when did James turn into such an asshole? Evidently a charismatic one, since he someone managed to convince three other people that a stinkin’ KNEE BRACE is not a hindrance, but still: asshole. Does not compute.

We discussed this last week, as well. Probst doesn’t get it either.

I’ve been mighty disappointed in the Heroes so far. I remember really liking James and Rupert in their previous seasons but they’ve become kind of moldy and mean. They’re totally disjointed and I think, without Tom and with James moping around, they are going to crumble going in to the merge. They really needed to get someone like Bob the science teacher, as opposed to Sugar the sadsack, to be a leader and calming influence…and to screw with Russell and plant some fake idols.

The villains, however, have been awesome. I love (to hate) Coach and Tyson. I’ve never seen a season with Boston Rob, but I like him. I really, really love the way Russell plays the game and I’m eagerly awaiting his power moves to take control of the game. And I’ve got a soft spot for Jerri. The redheads get me every time.

The challenges have been awesome, the chippiness of the contestants has been awesome, all the egos and eccentricities…this is one of the best seasons I’ve seen in a while.

Yeah, I’m really rooting for the villians now. Especially Rob and Jeri.

Why is everyone here believing Russel’s claim that he has the power now? Everyone knows he has the HII, after they all agreed not to go for it. He’s the first one they’re going to target when they lose a challenge. He won over Coach with flattery this week, but Coach has a big man crush on Rob – Rob just needs to shake his hand and Coach will follow him.

Yet another challenge where the Heroes lead until their cerebrums come into play. Though I did like the shot of Rob covering his nuts while walking blindfolded - guess he didn’t trust Jeri’s directions after his first collision. And Jeri’s plan to send one team out to get the last piece, and let the others walk around and get in the Heroes way was inspired.

I can see Amanda being drawn in with James because he is a mighty fine specimen, but Rupert? Dude. If the challenge involves any sort of MOVEMENT, you’re setting yourself up to lose again. Idiotic.

The Heroes have been playing a defensive game since Day 1, while the Villains have been playing offensively. Voting Tom out now is practically an admission that Amanda and Rupert just don’t believe that they will continue winning, so they want to keep their numbers strong so that they can survive until the merge. What a stupid way to play the game.

Best line of the night: “While they’re off doing their Coach Chi, I’m going to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol.”