Survivor March 4 2010

Coach crying to Tyson was hilarious. I was just waiting to see Tyson make fun of him to the camera.

I liked him saying, “Hey, if you need me to coach you through it…”

Didn’t Tyson consider asking everyone to call him coach in that season?

Wow. Nice blindside.

And just like that, Tom and Colby can go deep in the game.

I am trying to teach the Rules of Survivor Editing to my husband, and when I saw JT listening in on the Ill-Fated Conversation, I knew exactly how that was going to play out. Come on, Editors! Surprise us once in a while!

Just the same, that was a slick and ballsy move, and I applaud it.

Cirie was useless. She’s lazy in camp and didn’t contribute anything to the challenges. She didn’t even try to hurry up during the greased slide and toss challenge! They’re definitely smarter to get rid of her vs. someone like Tom or Colby.

I thought it was funny how Probst took them to task for voting off useful people so early and putting loyalty ahead of strategy.

Rob definitely wins the award for most redeemed. He does well in challenges *and *he talked Coach down off the ledge.

And I think Tyson’s heart grew two sizes last night with Coach sobbing about how mean old Sondra hurt his feelings. He so could have made some sarcastic, biting comment about Coach but he didn’t. (At least they didn’t show it.) Good on you, Tyson.

Does Courtney contribute ANYTHING to the show? She’s nasty, she’s scrawny, she doesn’t do well in challenges, and I doubt she does much at camp.

And he was the first person to straight up tell him to stop telling his stories and doing his martial arts (that you can’t even google because it’s so secret) on the beach.

That was, for once, an intelligent decision at tribal council. Cirie was about as useful as teets on a boar hog. And of course, JT was the one to make the intelligent decision…something Amanda, Rupert and James seemed incapable of doing.

There are skeleton enemies in World of Warcraft that have more flesh than that woman.

Coach, you are even more of an ass than on your original season. The game doesn’t deserve your “nobility”? It’s a fucking reality show where people try to win $1M, your fuck-head. Go cry yourself to sleep you dumb ass.

And Heroes, who on your team has the best eye-hand coordination? Well, it’s the guy you didn’t let play in the RC. Hint: His initials are JT.

Thank God. I was so tired of seeing Cirie contribute absolutely nothing, but seem to stick around for inordinate amounts of time. I wonder if Russel found the immunity idol? I hope not.

I was so happy at tribal council. Not so much that Ciriie went home, but that someone finally made a big game changing move.

And really, J.T. made the smart move. Just like Tom said at the start, the only chance either of them have is against another winner. Or against someone completely worthless, but there’s not that many of them this season.

Good move. Cirie doesn’t contribute much to the challenges, but she’s a killer strategic player. The Heroes need strength in the challenges. Time to forgive and regroup.

I’m inclined to cut Coach some of a break for having a bad night. But, man, Sandra disses him once - Sandra! - and he gets all blubbery. Jeez. He seemed to recover his weirdness-foo the next day.

That was a good Tribal. Apparently I missed some of the pre-tribal maneuvering; I was all, “wow, what if JT flipped with Tom and Colby?!” before the vote, and spouse was all, “well, duh!” since she’d caught some conversations I hadn’t. And then sure enough, JT flips. Doh!

I’m guessing JT will live down his comments at Tribal - “I need to keep the agreements I made” - with the response that he did keep agreements he made. Just not all of them. :slight_smile:

ETA: its remarkable to me how Rupert and James just stay utterly clueless about what’s going on in the tribe. Rupert seems to think he’s next at all points. James seems to think nothing about who’s next.

I was a bit surprised by JT’s move… dunno why, especially since I even noticed they had JT on the “survivor play of the week” list they show 2/3rds of the way through the episode - “why would he be on the list”?

I guess maybe it’s just because so often you see teams take out their own strong players because they’re worried about them post-merge instead of getting rid of the snakes (which would keep the team strong in the short-term and eliminate people who are unpredictable). But, definitely a different game with strong players who’ve all played before. Cirie was the only person to get rid of who makes the team stronger in the short-run, methinks.

Glad Cirie got the boot.

What the hell was Russell thinking. “I’m gonna go for a walk”, like they would really buy that. He is now on Rob’s shit list, which is a bad place to be at this point.

Good Gawd, James…all covered in oil…glistening in the sun…
I’ll be in my bunk.

More stamina and intellect, too.

I don’t see how Russell stays after the Villains have to go to Tribal twice more. He has no friends, he’s done nothing to endear himself and now he’s pissed them all off by grabbing the idol.

He’ll survive the first one by playing the idol (unless he’s even more deluded than he seems). But then they’ll take him out in the next. He’d better hope they win a lot of ICs so he can merge, but that would mean he’d be with a majority of people who don’t trust him. He’ll have to switch sides quick and hope the numbers are close.

He seemed so in control of that the last season, but out of his depth here.

That challenge was a bit of goodness. Something for everybody.

The only way Russell can survive now is by finding the HII and immediately giving it to the Tribe. With no prompting by Rob. Otherwise, they are going to turn on him like the sharks they are.

Yeah, I don’t see Russell being able to do the kind of on-your-feet thinking and dealmaking that Colby and Tom did – that’s just not Russell’s game. He’s not going to know what to do when his no longer the best offer on the table.

That’s going to be fun to watch, I think.

Great TC last night. I was afraid that JT wouldn’t be smart enough to flip, but good for him. Cirie is strategically dangerous; she controlled the larger alliance on the tribe and was no help in challenges. J.T./Tom/Colby are still outnumbered but without Cirie are in a much better spot to influence people like Courtney or Rupert to join them. And the Heroes are in a better spot to win some challenges, so maybe they won’t have to worry about voting anyone out for a while.