Survivor March 5th (edited title)

Dislike the Jersey City cop…too Hanz-like.

Tony is a real dick. Not only demanding that Sarah trust him, but then lying to her face.

Jeremiah’s attempt at taking over control of his tribe didn’t work, though.

Yeah, the male cop is an asshole.

I’m still figuring out who everyone is – who was the guy who realized there might be an HII and then went and found the sucker? Impressive!

And I’ve got to say, I wasn’t expecting to like the Brawn tribe, but they’re all pretty likeable. Guess we won’t see otherwise till they lose a challenge, in terms of screen time.

If they go through with the threat in the preview and throw a challenge it will not be pretty.

Any bets on when they are going to shuffle into two tribes? I figure the number is either 12 or 14, but I’m really hoping for 14.

Awww, poor Brice. Now who’s going to dress like he’s been cast in some kind of Youtube mashup of Godspell and The Warriors?

And how did he make it onto the beautiful tribe in the first place?

I asked that last thread and apparently all the contestants were chosen before the theme. So I figure he’s not that smart and clearly not brawny so there was only one place left to go.

I feel as if we still haven’t gotten to know the “Beauty” tribe very well, and thus I didn’t have much invested in last night’s vote. I don’t much care for Morgan so far; she seems like the most shallow of the bunch, but I don’t actively dislike her either. The others all seem like decent enough people, but nobody stands out as someone I particularly want to root for. They’re a pretty bland group.

Meh, he’s a jerk but she deserves it. Trusting someone just because of their job, after that person has already lied to you? Besides, I would think being a cop makes you less trustworthy. :smiley:

Same here, so it caught me a bit off guard when we were suddenly pulled into their multiple-alliance goings-on. Let’s see… black gay guy, cute country gal, girl with big knockers who couldn’t find the Idol, guy who did find the Idol… yeah that’s all I got. Oh and I guess now there’s a guy with a really strong country accent on top of that. I actually kinda liked Brice, but, didn’t figure he was long for this game in any event. The real climax of the evening was that the Brains tribe managed to not lose, somehow (despite their horrible water throwing skills).

The rednecks voted out the gay Negro. What a shocker.

Those two are putting a whole lot of investment into their job description. On one hand, I can understand cops bonding with each other. (And it’ll be interesting to see how long that bond lasts) But they seem to think that it gives them super powers far beyond those of mortal men.

My goodness, the water throwing was painful to watch. And they actually practiced beforehand!

J’Tia has the be the worst contestant in the history of AI.

You’re right – she probably can’t sing, either.

Has the first three people voted out ever been Men before?

Great question. I doubt it.

I don’t know about that. I think it’s more like they saw him as a bigger threat than Boobs McBooberson(as a friend referred to Her).

Was curious, so I checked. Nope! It’s pretty rare to even have two of the first three be men.

Thanks, I was too lazy.

It was more rhetorical than anything as I didn’t think it had happened.

The way Jeff described it is they were split up based on how they make their living. While that would normally mean models, isn’t Brice a hairdresser? He makes his living making other people beautiful?

EDIT: As stated, they picked the contestants before they came up with the split.