Susan Tedeschi Q

A friend at work just turned me on to her album Just Won’t Burn. Must admit, I held the CD for about a week before I listened… young looking woman, with a twangy Tele country hick guitar, with Winnie the Pooh stickers plastered all over it (And Tigger too!). :eek: Well, I finally gave it a listen. I was blown away from the first hearing of her gravelly voice, sounds a lot like Bonnie Raitt. And she sounds a lot like SRV playing (a lot of yummy feedback too.)

My specific question tho. On the AMAZING song Looking For Answers, what is the lead “guitar” part? It obviously sounds like an amped wah-wah guitar. But when I listened closer (after about the 6th straight time :p) I realized it was a harmonica! I think… Would be thru one of those old “bluesman” mics, Shure 58 (or 85, I don’t know) the rounded, old style harmonica mics you see over and over. They give a really boxy, echoey, nasty sound to the harp. But then I think they ran that thru some more fuzz or sumpin’, AND THEN thru a wah-wah! It really is a unique sound. I was completely fooled that it was played on a guitar until I heard certain tones that could only be played on the harmonica (or maybe about a 2% chance of the violin…)

Anyways, that is the question. Is it a harmonica thru a wah-wah? A guitar played VERY carefully? Something else? (Violin? Synth?)