"Swept Away" was their "Gigli"

I have Extra (or one of those shows) on in the background, and they just had a quick montage on comments on the end of the Madonna/Guy Richie marriage.

The last one was “I predicted this years ago. Remember that movie they did together, Swept Away? That was their Gigli. Once you make a movie together that flops, go ahead and sign the divorce papers – it’s over.”

Funny comment – but is it true? Are there show-biz marriages that have survived a bomb of that magnitude?

Well if that was the determinative factor, then the ink would have been dry on the divorce papers years ago, and in Hollywood terms the paper would have already dissolved to dust. The, ahem, magnificence that was Swept Away was released in October 2002 according to IMDb. Gigli even came out almost a year later. At that rate you might as well say no Hollywood marriages are going to last, because sooner or later nearly any acting couple is going to be in a movie that bombs. Of course for the most part, a person could simply stop after “no Hollywood marriages are going to last.” :slight_smile:

It took Renny Harlin and Geena Davis two shitty movies to get divorced.

Renny Harlin and Geena Davis lasted through two movies, but the second flop seems to have nailed it.

Personally I liked both Cutthroat Island and The Long Kiss Goodnight. I think they’re problem was simply that they seemed too 80s-ish for the time. But I’d rather watch Cutthroat than Pirates of the Carribean, given the choice.

Ditto Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

I’ll file this under “2nd least shocking headline of 2008.”

(Pacman Jones)

Madonna’s done it twice. She starred in Shanghai Surprise with Sean Penn.

Time is going to prove me right about Gigli. It was a good movie.

Bo Derek stayed with John Derek until his death in 1998, despite the horrible movies he directed her in.

Is Gigli a fair comparison, though? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were engaged, but hadn’t tied the knot.

No, it wasn’t. But it was nowhere near as bad as people made it out to be. With a little more work, it could’ve been pretty good.

I don’t recall Days of Thunder, Far and Away or Eyes Wide Shut bombing. All were profitable and critically received with about as much praise or controversy typical of a Bruckheimer/Tony Scott, Ron Howard, or Stanley Kubrick picture.

I rather liked Long Kiss Goodnight, myself.

With rumours of a Zoolander sequel, I have my doubts about Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.

I took “shitty movie” as a matter of personal taste, not profitability.

Yep, but I’m pretty sure those two Harlin-Davis movies were box office failures too.

Exactly what I came into the thread to post…

And I liked Zoolander. :smiley: (Which wasn’t a huge hit, certainly, but also wasn’t a bomb.)

She had a small role (in the movie within a movie, Happy Jack) in Tropic Thunder.

So did I, I just can’t imagine a sequel that wouldn’t suck.

Stiller and Taylor also worked together in Dodgeball. Those two are playing with fire.

Well, if they can dodge a wrench…