Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorcing

Longer than we expected it to last, but it is ending.

Good for Katie.

I for one am ecstatic for her!

I hope she can escape the $cientology insanity.

I blame Xenu.

+1 I hope/expect she’ll revert to her Catholicism. (She’s Catholic IIRC)

But he loved her so much?

He owes Oprah a couch!


Have you jumped up and down on the couch in your ecstasy?

He’s supposed to be a nutjob of questionable sexual preference whose mind is in the grip of an insane cult/moneymaking scam. She’s a somewhat dopey and not particularly talented younger actress who needed a career boost. I don’t understand why it didn’t work out.

I concur good for her… Tom takes another in a long line or PR hits… Just not interested in seeing him on a screen either big or small…

What a completely awkward photo of them. That’s the most UNgenuine kiss (even cheek-kiss) that I’ve ever seen.

Cruise was too, at one time. Albeit a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away.

Yes, but he is probably a bit shaky, what with standing on two stacked milk crates and all.

Mimi Rogers
Nicole Kidman
Katie Holmes

Just for giggles, anybody want to guess who’s next? Someone younger than Katie, obviously, up-and-coming actress trying to make a career move, etc.

I’m gonna go with Blake Lively.

Does Scientology require that the divorce be a silent procedure?

You sure don’t want any engrams of that!

She’s 33. She does look young for her age, but I don’t think she qualifies as a younger actress anymore. She’s two days older than me and I don’t think of myself as young anymore.

Together, they fight crime!

She’s 16 years younger than he is, though.