Tom & Katie have baby on the way

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes (“Kate Cruise” to be), that is. If it’s not just a big internet hoax.
Yes, I know celebrity news isn’t important, but I thought a thread on this topic would be a good excuse to bash know-it-all cultist Tom Cruise.
It’s one thing to marry someone when you don’t haven’t dated someone for very long; it’s quite another to create a child with them. Play Russian roulette with your own life - not with a child’s.

Oh - and off my own topic: new American Heritage has their annual list of most overated /most underated folks in various categories. I nominate Cruise as most overated actor.

You cant buy that sort of publicity, but you can get it for free, IF you have a baby!
Troy and Selma. Thats all I’m going to say.

…and the seventh seal is broken…

Link for those who care. Personally, I think this has “Roxie Hart” written all over it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she “loses the baby” in three months.

Oh wow…Now that’s a helluva move against Kidman. Kidman and Cruise had to adopt in order to have a family… Cruise knocks up a woman 15 or so years younger than Kidman. This establishes that the problem with conception of a natural child between Kidman and Cruise to be solely on Nicole. So Kidman is frigid and infertile while Cruise is virile and plowing a cute younger woman for breeding stock.

I’m not really sure why, but this creeps me out in a Rosemary’s Baby kind of way.

Of course, we all assume it’s Tom’s baby…

The newspapers here reported that Nicole Kidman was pregnant at the time of her divorce from Tom Cruise and that she subsequently suffered a miscarriage.

First, unoriginal, thought: Really? Who’s the father?

Second: jeez, American Heritage has changed a lot since the days when it was pretty pictures and Civil War subjects.

I thought that Kidman and Cruise adopted because they wanted to, not because they had to?

[hijack]Yeah, it used to be good. The current issue is disgracefully bad.[/hijack]

IIRC, Tom and his first wife, Mimi Rogers, separated over the not-having-kids issue; she went on to bear kids by her second husband.

I’ve picked up a weird subtext in this story. See if you agree - I typed it out (in bold).

Maybe it’s just me.

Actually, in addition to the miscarriage she suffered right before the divorce, I think she had several early on in the marriage.

I bet they name the kid Elron.

So, the face huggers got to her. Game over, man. Game over.

I wonder how many Thetans the little darling will be born with?

I thought she had been going on about how she would be a virgin until marriage?

That was before she got a taste of the Cruise Missile.

Babies are bustin out all over! First, Britney, then Tina fey, next Maya, now Katie. Boy? Girl? Scientologist? inquiring minds don’t give a shit.

More likely Mister Turkey Baster.