The latest zombie - Katie Holmes


Romero doesn’t have to make any more movies, it seems. The Scientologists are doing it for him.

Poor kid. Looks like it’s time for an intervention.

When I saw that photo earlier, I thought, “If you look up the word ‘vacuous’ in the dictionary…”

I read about the W interview on CNN including the extremely eerie “you adore him” comment and was pretty surprised no one put it up here. That interview is likely to be a trainwreck and I would be surprised if it didn’t damage Katie Holmes’ career. Reminds me of when they interviewed Mitt Romney’s wife in the Boston Globe when he was running for Senate and people still say he lost that race b/c of how she came off in that article (I still remember the picture of her on the front of the Living Arts section and what a freaking disaster it was…). I was out of MA when he began to recoup here but my impression is that she was kept completely away from the press for lack of repeats. I’ll be interested to see how this goes down for her-poor Joey Potter. I hope Mom and Dad get on it.

The zombie bride photo from that W article was the scariest one.

I had to read this paragraph twice:

The first time, I thought it said, “…Oprah will continue to blow him…” :eek:

Which, I suppose, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Nice dress; crazy eyes.

Is anyone else totally spellbound by this Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise thing? I never, ever follow these “Us Weekly” sort of stories, but these two are going to provide genuine comedy for years to come.

I am. Angelina & Brad? Couldn’t care less. Same with most of these other celebrity pairings. But this is melodrama at its highest. Won’t make me any more or less likely to watch their films (I watch most of Cruise’s films, because he picks projects I like, but that’s more a coincidence than anything), so if this was just a stunt, it’s not going to work for me. But I’ll sure as hell enjoy the silly antics of the stars.

Indeed. A lot of people have speculated that Cruise is using Holmes as a beard, but I wonder, what’s she getting out of all of this. Could the door swing both ways?

Just to add to the nasty gossip pile. :slight_smile:

“Using [Katie Holmes] as a beard”???
I have no idea what that means. I’d love to know.

Here ya go:

Short version: a female that hangs out with a closeted gay male to quell questions about his sexuality.

(Off topic)

I remember that too. Definitely a train wreck. Ann Romney was asked something about how could her husband (being a very rich man) identify with the problems of poor people. Her response was that both she and Mitt knew what it was like to be poor and struggling; why, when they were at Harvard, they had to cut back on their dinner parties and vacation ski trips. It was a very trying time for them, she said. That reporter must have been exploding with glee to see how the interview turned out. I believe after that Ann was never heard from again.

She’s got someone following her around and won’t leave her side. Who even puts words in her mouth. Very creepy. It sounds like some sort of abusive, controlling situation.

Either that, or the hubbard people are holding members of Katie’s Family Hostage and will kill them if she doesn’t do everything they say. (Yeah, it’s a long shot, but I’ve been watching the first season of 24 for the past several weeks and the idea came to mind).

Those photos look like a great deal of high fashion photos. That ‘look’ is thought by fashion mag editors to be sexy.
As far as the interview goes, I haven’t read it, but if I was predisposed to think so, and read everything Katie said in a Katie the Zombie voice in my head, why sure, I’ll bet she is a zombie.

What intrigues me most about the article is this paragraph

What kind of religion has their converts submit to a “security check”?

And what in the world is a “False Purpose Rundown Auditorship”?

This sounds like she’s applying for a job at some top secret, high-level security government agency than joining a religion, or cult, or whatever you want to call it.

As Slacker said. Additionally, the male equivalent (a handsome man who makes public appearances with a closeted or low-key lesbian) is commonly known as a “handbag”, suggesting a security-blanket-like object of convenience.

Tina: “They’ll rip your tongue out!”
Danny: “But I’m just the beard. They’d rip the tongue out of a beard?!?!”

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen in Broadway Danny Rose.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :smiley:

My fervent hope is this silliness will forever taint Scientology as the whacko, dangerous cult it is. I almost lost a very good friend to these nutcases, and Tom is proving exactly how dangerous and warped they really are.

So far, Cruise has done a great job of making Scientology the butt of all jokes. Keep it up, Tom boy, keep it up!

Braaaaainnnssssss!! Braaaaiiiinnnnsss! Braaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnsssss!

You know, I think that it’d be hysterical to splice that pic subliminally in any future love scenes she may have in movies. :smiley:

It’ll take a high-profile member defecting to bring down Xenu and his minions.