Taaa daa! Here's yer spankin' new MMP!

What started out as a threat of severe thunderstorms last night morphed in a lovely soaking shower. Just in time! The front yard was turning brown. Won’t have to dig out the soaker hose today.

I have a small, partially covered deck off of the bedroom. In the summer, we put an air mattress out there & sleep under the stars. Second story, so no critters can visit during the night & if it gets too cold or wet, it’s literally two steps to inside. Only problem is the closer to June 21 it is, the earlier sunrise is; hence, the sky needs curtains.

Yeah, I know, first world problems. :frowning:

Hijacks away as I’m going back to sleep in the inside bed.

First! Blurf!

I’d love to be able to sleep outside for a while but we’ve had nothing but rain lately, not so pleasant if you are contemplating outdoor living. Naturally since I am back at irk today there is blue sky and sunshine. It’s the last week of teaching now, hopefully after this we can put our collective feet up and take a breath before the madness starts again. They are interviewing for this post in a couple of weeks’ time so I will finally have a leaving date although I don’t really want to go.

You must be thankful for DST, as least! :stuck_out_tongue:

Problems with this setup for me:

  1. Too hot
  2. Too humid
  3. No open porch/deck in the apartment, anyway…

I’ve known people who had, uhm, not sure how to call them, roll-up blinds in their porches or balconies (usually made from bamboo or other canes, not cloth or plastic because cloth isn’t opaque enough and the Spanish sun does nasty things to plastic venetian blinds if there’s no glass). My mother has them in her greenhouse. They may be a solution for the sky’s lack of curtains…

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 65 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 92 for the day. Actually when I look ahead at the forecast for the week it all says pretty much the same thing for each day. Gonna be a hot and hyooooooomid week in south Jawja.

I have a covered back porch which is nice but I don’t want to sleep out there. I like my big comfy bed and a/c too much. I also have a small covered deck off the back porch where the smoker and grill live. I like to cook outdoors whenever possible which is pretty much most of the year around here. Matter of fact, I set up my electric skillet on the porch yestiddy to fry all that chikin. Whenever I do anything like that I do it out there. Nice!

Now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas and alack, irk purtification must commence.

Happy Monday Y’all!

ETA: I have blinds such as those Nava mentioned because the porch faces west and it’s great to let 'em down in the afternoons when I want to be out there.

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Reported for merger.

Thumbs up, Toucanna, for taking initiative.

Here in the southern hemisphere, it’s the middle of winter. And a particularly nippy winter it is in my particular corner of the cool half of the planet.

Morning. I don’t sleep on my porch. I prefer A/C.

What he said.

When we were kids we would sleep on the porch at the rented beachhouse for a week. That’s some good sleepin’!


Good morning, all!

We’ve got a back deck that’s sorta private, but apart from being on the east side of the house, it’s also really buggy here. Between the spiders, the skeeters, the ticks, and all the rest that nature has to offer, I think being indoors, with the windows open when possible, is the best compromise. Alas, I think tonight may be our last open-window night till the fall - heat wave approacheth…

I got up early with my sweetie, then he decided he was going to take our truck instead of the work truck (their diesel is a loud-ass truck!!!) But I was already showered and dressed, so after helping him remove the boat crap from the truck, he left for the office and I went to fill the car and pick up a few things at WalMart (27 items, 8 of which were cans of cat food, 4 of which were boxes of cereal, so not all that much stuff, really.) It’s all overcast and from the looks of the weather radar, a mess of precip is closing in on the county, so I won’t be doing anything outside. I need to organize the garage - in a bit I’ll back out both cars and see what I can do.

I also need to wash the stuff I’m taking to Mom’s tomorrow - not that my knitting and crocheting is dirty, but since the cats “help” me, I want to get their hair, dander, and spit washed away. Plus the softener makes the afghans and shawls feel really nice.

**Butters **- you asked about fingerless mitts in the last MMP - the pattern I use takes around 5-6 hours per pair, I think. I’ve never just stayed put start-to-finish working on them. I get interrupted by the phone, meals, potty breaks, and idiot cats. But my best estimate is actual knitting is 5-6 hrs. My sweetie is going to make a pair of wooden hand forms for a display so when I take them over to the store, they don’t have to deal with “What are those??” Oh, and I drove past the store on my way home - no way they’re going to open today…

Off to surf before attacking the garage.

I live in a condo so all I have is a stoop. Don’t think I want to sleep on cement.

Other than that, it’s gonna be hot for the next 3 days which means I’ll be so crabby I’ll have to walk sideways.

Up (again) & at irk. A little more description. The deck is on the east side, so you’re protected from the majority of wind, but still feel some breezes. Of course, being on the east side means I get the first rays of light right in my face. (rolling over buys about 10 mins). If it’s less than upper 60’s it too cold out there as only use a light blanket (well, sleeping bags are allowed in Sept to extend the season).

Nava, I’ve thought of that, but the covered part is not as wide as the queen mattress, which means any shades would either not come all the way down or land on the bed/body sleeping on said bed, plus there aren’t any shades at either end.

Like I said, first world problems. I didn’t buy the house because of it, but I’d be hard pressed to buy another house without. It really is great & usually I just get up & am in ‘real’ bed in three or four small steps, but today I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Get up, take the pillow & blanket inside & then flip the mattress up against the house like a Murphy bed = bed made! At former job, it was also my alternate office when I worked from home.

Meanwhile up in Hippy Hollow it’s going to be in the 80s and mountain muggy all week. The kitchen guys are going to be complaining nonstop about “Maaaaaan, I’m burnin’ up out there!” all week. Me, I’m just going to remember living in Pirateville and enjoy not being there.

Don’t ever buy an HP keyboard. As soon as I can justify the money, I’m buying a Logitech that’s has a better connection. :mad:

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Yeah, that’s what they all say… :stuck_out_tongue:

Depending who you listen to, it’s either going to be 96 or 104 today.


Mawnin all,
Up caffinating and getting ready to spend the day with the IRS(not in trouble)
Wish me luck,
Have a great day all


Morning all! Oh we’re well into a stretch of 90 degree days, with no end (and no rain either, unfortunately) in sight. It’s not been so bad, though, since it is dry heat smile It does look like it’s heading in the direction of the East coast, so beware.

My banana bread from the other day turned out muyo delicioso (sp? :)), so I apparently made the right adjustments. Yesterday I baked a cake for father’s day - that needed adjustments too, so even when working with pre-packaged mixes you have to allow for the higher altitude The cake came out great too, btw - very tall and I frosted with mocha buttercream. Dinner was beef short ribs. Very delicious, but a splurge meal; they are very expensive.

This morning I baked some mini-muffins and they came out very tasty. I used the flour spray to coat the muffin tins since I didn’t have mini-muffin paper cups. Everything came out like it should, fortunately! Mini-muffins, though, are only two bites then done. LOL

Hope everyone has a great Monday. :slight_smile: