Taboo things that you find humorous?

Like farting, burping, dark humor, etc?

Anything that’s usually done behind closed doors or only around close friends who understand your interests/beliefs.

Cards Against Humanity.

Great Game

Better than Crabs Adjust Humidity.

Anything **not **“Politically Correct.”

Apparently, back in the 80’s, McDonalds was pushing the McMartin burger. It involved a great big piece of meat between two teeny little buns. We need a burning in hell Smile.

Hehehe, I think my sister-in-law stopped bringing that game over because it was a forgone conclusion that I would win.

So, basically, whaddaya got? If it’s presented right, I can find just about any subject humorous. I still love the Butthole Surfers’ catalog, and I find it a blend of beautiful, terrifying, and hilarious. If there’s a taboo they didn’t address, I’m not aware of it.

Me and my friends enjoy a good murder now and again.

Exactly. It’s not the subject, or the fact that it is taboo, that makes it automatically humorous, or laugh-out-loud funny. Poorly done comedy is poorly done comedy, no matter what the subject.

I guess you DO have to have a willingness to accept taboo subjects presented as jokes to start with. Some people shut off their funny bones if the taboo jokes are about babies, or pets, or even contain swearing (we’ve all met them - Aunt Ruth I’m looking at you!)

Heck, I even find some lame misdirected right-wing “libs are stoopid” jokes funny, if they are actually funny, even though I am within the targeted group. Nothing can be more taboo than that!

Sometimes I scoop up ice cream with cookies and eat them both.

People would be less aghasted if I admitted to sex crimes and murder.

It is even funnier when the taboo is uneven. i was playing Cards Against Humanity with my MiL, she had no problem reading things like “bucket full of jizz” or “Yoda’s leathery scrotum” out loud, but would have to spell out A-S-S and S-E-X

Anthony Jeselnik stand-up.

Mrs. FtG has a close relative that is a standup comic. Routinely covers topic considered too out-there by normal comedy club standards. Has toured with a like minded group of folk famed for going beyond the limits.

We like it. We know the person in real life so we get that it’s not “real”. We know where it’s coming from.

In what way are they misdirected? :dubious: :confused:

I happily wear socks with open-toe shoes.

Much of “In Bruges”?

Most of them are pretty stupid and completely misunderstand liberalism. Then again, the same can be said about jokes about conservatives.

But there’s little I won’t laugh at. My own sense of humor skews pretty dark and twisted. There really isn’t any subject taboo to me when it comes to humor.

I love old ladies. Especially old church ladies. They smell funny, they walk funny after that knee replacement. Their hair is blue. They say dirty words and don’t even know it. They just kill me.

You fucking retract that bit about my cunt fucking kids.

I’m probably going to catch hell for saying this: my mother-in-law’s dementia. Remember the old “Mr Short Term Memory” skits that Tom Hanks did on SNL? It’s kind of like that in real life sometimes, and all you can do is laugh at the absurdity of the situation. (Better than getting angry or frustrated, anyway…)