Tailgate logo on redneck's truck; "Eats Honda's Poops Rice"

It actually said, “Eats Honda’s Shits Rice” in big, bold, four-inch-tall, stick-on, glitter letters. Right across the back of the tailgate. Seen exactly as typed.
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A redneck eating a **non American-made ** car and shitting… rice? I’d think the guy would shit something entirely different than rice after eating such a volume of metal, plastic and glass.

Okay, okay, I’m leaving now. Hey, no pushing!

That is so stupid. Does that person think it’s funny? It’s funny they think their probably POS truck is better than a Civic. Ha!

Man, that apostrophe is so wrong!!

If it was typed above exactly as written, with the misplaced apostrohpes in the original, then I’d be laughing at the guy, not with him. If there was a comma after the ‘s’ rather than an apostrophe before it, I’d think, OK, ha ha, mildly funny but pretty much what I’d expect on the back of a redneck’s pickup truck. But as written? I’m thinking “doofus”.

Yeah, it was on a Ford and the apostrophe in the second word (Honda’s) was really there. My 13 year old son noticed it right away.

It’s grammatically incorrect. There should be no apostrophe when pluralizing “Honda”. I believe one might also argue for a comma after “Hondas”. In other words it should read “Eats Hondas, Shits Rice”.

Alternately, the author of this wise saying may have meant to say that he (or his car) eats Honda’s excrement. Then the plural “shits” is rather odd usage. And the “rice” is totally out of place and makes no sense unless it’s missing the word “with” - i.e. “Eats Honda’s Shit With Rice”. Not to mention the rather questionable reasoning behind his desire to advertise his dietary preferences.


Even without the misplaced apostrophe, I’m not sure how it’s supposed to be amusing. But…

==TMI warning==

It does remind me of the time my dogs got into a kitchen cabinet and ate several pounds of raw rice. Each. They were pooping rice every 4 hours for the next 2 days - and not in nice little clumps either, but in diarrhetic streams. :eek:

:smack: On preview, what they said :smiley:

It’s perfect as is. One apostrophe, no commas.

Hey, just be glad someone is eating Honda’s poops rice. I don’t know what poops rice is, but if this guy weren’t eating it up, that shit’d be all over the road.

But were there stainless steel testicles hanging from beneath the trailer hitch? There must be balls. Because, you know, otherwise we wouldn’t know what a badass he is.


'Specially on the back of a Rednecks pickup.
I though maybe someone was playing a prank on the guy and moved the comma from between Hondas and shits and placed it up as an apostrophe to make the guy look stupid, but there was too much space between the letters ‘a’ and ‘s’ in Hondas so I’m thinking the original intent was the apostrophe and not a comma.
I can’t believe none of his redneck friends or family has called him on this yet. Surely one of them has passed remedial english?

Please tell me he also had a set of bumper nuts, just to make the visual image complete…

He’s the one with the truck, so he’s probably the brains of the family.

Curse you, preview! Curse you!!!

At least now you’re all afflicted with a link…

If I can channel Lou Dobbs for a moment, Honda manufactures in the US, so if bad comma boy wants to crap on the fruits of the American worker, I’m sure one of them would be more than happy to come over and correct his grammar. Among other things :eek:

For what it’s worth, I don’t like Hondas. Not because they’re foreign cars, but because they’re ugly, as are the large majority of American cars (see Chrysler for the last 10 years or so). If he specifically hated foreign cars, he would have been less specific than saying “Hondas.” As far as shitting rice, that can be a broad term. Many American cars can be considered “rice” just because of what the owners do to them.

Finally, I wonder if he stole part of that from me. I’ve been known to say that my car “poops Mustangs,” just to get a little friendly jab at the abundant Mustang diehards.

Gee, I wonder what kind of car you drive? :smiley:

What year is it anyway? But more importantly, how much hp does it have and how fast does it run the 1/4?

It’s a Jeep Thing You Wouldn’t Understand.


You mean its about having a vehicle that is freezing in the winter, has zero capacity for anything and rolls over more than porn star?

Is that what I wouldn’t understand?
Or, the Oakley: Thermonuclear Protection thingies which you don’t see so much anymore. WTF is that all about? Is it a money back guarantee if we do go into a Nuclear Holocaust?

What the hell is Oakley anyway?
As for the US vs. Japanese cars: Being in Detroit, I am all for the Made in America, but the Big Three are so stupid in everything in design, price and engineering ( ooooh, remember what that is, you morons!) than they forgot about the regular schmoe that has to drive the thing. ( Their trucks, however, are da bomb. Japanese trucks just are so wrong.)

I vote for japanese cars.
Also, ever notice you never see the " My truck eats BMW’s and craps out knockwurst" petty slogan warfare.