Talking Fall-irty

Okay - here’s your chance - give me your best autumn-based sexual innuendos! It can have anything to do with the time of year: Holidays, Sports, Politics, Weather, You name it!

For example: “Baby, I’d like to hang your chad!” or “I’d like to touch down on your back end!”

Make me laugh out loud - and you get the booby prize (wherein, I show you a picture of my boobies . . .)




Is that a butternut squash in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Lol - good one!

Spring forward into my arms if you’re leaning that way, but I’d prefer that you fall back onto the bed.

I’d touch her screen.

Oh, second-person stuff. Hmm.

Hey, let’s play a game. I’ll be Bush, and you can be the US.

Hey babe, nice rake.

Can I get you to blow my leaves?

So, do I win a prize? :smiley: I want to see some tits!

Let’s get dirty. I’ll be the Land Rover and you can be the Hummer.

This thread is giving me an election.



So McCain I be Palin around with your Bush?

I’m thinking of running for your office, but first I’d like to poll you.