Tar 10!

Season 10 of The Amazing Race kicks off this fall.

The article linked above indicates that one of the teams is returning from last season, but I don’t recognize any of those names. And why would they bring back a team?

Interesting that they start off heading west.

I don’t recognize any of those names, certainly not from last season. And don’t they usually start with only 11 teams?

It could be half of a team from a previous season…

Why did they move it yet again? I was liking Tuesday nights damn it. I guess it’s better then Wednesday. I’d also like to know where North Vietnam is. They must also be planning an 11th version as there was a casting call last week here in DC. I’d have gone but the five month old doesn’t help.

It’s only been 30 years…give 'em time to get used to the idea.

TAR 12: Time Warp Edition. Racers stop in North Vietnam, East Germany, Prussia, The Belgian Congo, and British Honduras.

Well the list includes:
Tyler Denk, 29, model; James Branaman, 27, model (best friends)

Is that BJ and Tyler? I mean, not models, but the rest fits… except the names don’t fully match up, according to this site it’s BJ Averell and Tyler Macniven.

The only other name on both lists is David, listed as:
David Conley, 32, coal miner; Mary Conley, 31, homemaker (married parents)

Could be David of David and Lori (nerds), if Lori changed her name and they’ve had a child since the last show…

ok, after more searching I found this which has a picture of the teams. None from last season, but the article begins:
It was a rainy May morning when 13 teams of people charged down the hill in Seattle’s Gas Works Park.

So maybe they’re keeping the last team under wraps…

Team Zoolander? (I called it first!)

Hmm. For the first time they’re going West. That means right off the bat they’ll step into tomorrow (unless the first leg is, say, Hawaii).

Van Munster gave countries as China, Mongolia, North Vietnam, Madagascar and Kuwait. If that’s anything like a correct order it means they’ll dog-leg backwards at least once.

And isn’t Madagascar where real pirates with real AK-47’s and ship cannons like to hang?

If he wanted to stick them in hard-core countries that are hard to produce in, why not have them run through North Korea? One travel agent on NPR said visiting there is like living in the book “Nineteen Eighty Four.”

Hmm … much as I hate repeat appearances by former contestants as a general rule, I wouldn’t mind seeing Dave & Lori or Wanda & Desiree again. Or, if by “last season” they mean “one of the teams who appeared in the last year,” then I could really get on board with Bill & Tammy Gaghan.

But none of the info I’ve seen reveals if there actually is a previous team, or what.


Have I mentioned how I hate the 8pm showtimes? 8pm is for putting toddlers to bed. 9pm is for grown-up snacks* and TV.

Not like, you know, novelty cakes in adult themes. Just snacks I don’t necessarily want to share. 'Cuz I’m mean that way.

It could also mean, if the story was poorly written, that a team that was initially scheduled for an earlier Race but bumped for some reason will appear.

Sundays at 8. Wonderful. I just got my friends into catching the repeat of VM that airs Sunday. Why must TV schedule the few shows I watch across from each other?

Because God hates us, obviously.

That’s got to be it. None of those names ring a bell, not from last season or any other.

Nice racial mix this time! (I wonder how the Patels will tolerate the ass-grabbing trains of Delhi?) Oddly, I don’t see an African-American couple on the list. And the gay couple’s in their 40’s, so never mind betting on them. :wink:

Kind of surprised they’re actually going to Kuwait…a little close to the war zone, isn’t it? Oh, and since this is an “even” season, watch for a natural disaster to strike one of these countries just before the episode airs (just like Sri Lanka & New Orleans). Which one will it be this time? I’m betting on Mongolia.