TAR 11 December 2015 -- We Got a Chance, Baby!

I can live with that result.


Agreed. The only team I did not want to win was Chris and Logan. The moment Justin didn’t keep the cab I knew that was it for them. That was a really really stupid decision that anyone who has watched the race before knows you don’t do! You never give up your cab when you are doing a task in an out of the way location! Especially the first task on the last leg when it was obvious they would be going more places after. Just dumb.

The only thing I didn’t like was that we are going to see an All Star (or Unfinished Business) Season of TAR and there is no doubt that Justin/partner will be on it.

I said Partner, because I hope Diana is going to see the light and see what kind of jackass Justin really is.

Green Lady even told him, “Don’t be cocky.” He said, “It’s not cocky, it’s confidence. I’m confidant.”

When he argued money with the cabbie, his extreme arrogance showed up. When his cabbie left, I figured he would try to screw another team out of theirs. Pretty much worked against Chris and Logan, as their cabbie got fed up with Justin and just upped and left. I could imagine that one cab driver thinking ‘What a dick, I’m out of here.’

At that moment, I thought we had a chance to see Justin NOT WIN.

Then, when Green Team caught up with Reporters at the chairs, he started in on his Big Mouth Asshole attitude, trying to rattle the Reporters. THey recognized that tactic, tho, and just kept going.

Good god, Justin was an annoying ass.

What was up with that cabbie though? Justin runs up to him and says he wants to go to Belmont Park and the cabbie acts like he has never heard of it and then decides to leave rather than take a fare? I wonder if there was some kind of behind the scenes type thing where he didn’t want to be on camera anymore. That was weird.

I thought it was odd, too. What cabbie doesn’t know how to get to the track?

I’m happy with the result. Justin’s mouth was too much for me.

It was odd, although as far as I could tell Logan & Chris hadn’t paid their cabbie to stick around, just asked him to (probably with the assumption that they’d pay for his waiting time and the fare to the next destination).[sup]*[/sup] For that matter, when L&C got out of Kelsey & Joey’s cab, why not ask that driver to call another cab for them? It’s happened on previous Races, too. Seems to me that if there’s one cab around and you want more, get that cabbie to call his dispatcher; never seen any Racers do that.

I did get a bit of a laugh a little later when Logan was yelling at Chris “Joey yells at you and you just fold; I’m yelling at you, listen to me!”

  • I’m curious on the strategy here. During a Roadblock, can the non-Roadblocking teammate go back to the cab and pay him for his time, estimate how long the Roadblock will take, that sort of thing?

Wow, Boring and Boringer won…yay?

ETA: I think the Cabbie didn’t really want to be there and then when some guy gets all in his face he was just like, “I’m outa here. No fare is worth this.”

I think that unless the rules of the RB say the waiting partner needs to go somewhere else, they have to stay with their production team, and the production team needs to stay with the active partner to film him/her. So I don’t think that would be allowed.

The cabbie thing was really bizarre. He spent all that time waiting, then another team (not his fare) comes up, and then he leaves. I figured his “I don’t know where [Belmont] is” was his way of “letting them down easy” and trying to get be non-confrontational (instead of just saying, the other team told me to stay) but then we just got up and left… wow. I wonder if Logan and Chris will be watching this episode air and be pissed at Justin and Diana for making him scurry.

I always think it’s a bit of a shame that the taxis had so much to do with how the last two legs turned out. But at least they FINALLY put in some difficult challenges as well, so it wasn’t just all taxi misfortune deciding the winner.


I think part of the reason he did that was because it was his home turf. A combination of too much pride to be seen getting fleeced by a cabbie in his home town plus maybe thinking cabs are always easy to come by, because his experience in NYC is probably that they usually are.

During the flight over, the way they edited all his bragging about the final being in New York pinged my comeuppance radar.

Justin and Diana were last to the roadblock–I don’t recall how far they parked from the other cabs that were already there, but I remember Justin offering $100 then withdrawing it, then the cabbie saying “What, no tip?” as Justin exited the cab. If the other drivers heard that (and there could have been more in it that was edited out), then “I don’t know where the racetrack is” could have been a little cabbie solidarity in action.

Joey and Kelsey winning is a good result. They’ve been solid racers the whole way through, usually beaten only by Green, and they’ve been drama-free.

And what’s so great and funny about this ending is that for the so-called “Ultimate Fan”, the very first race was lost exactly the same way. Loud, Pushy Frank lost because he “knew New York”, it was “his home turf” and he also lost because he gave cab-drivers grief.

I hated Justin so very much–actually more than Chris and Logan. C&L were a broken, dysfunction couple but didn’t keep changing behavior on each other. Justin has that weird vibe where, if everything’s ok, he’s all lovey-dovey with whatshername, but if there’s any hiccough at all, he turns into Cujo. Or cries. Or both. Hint to Justin: grow a fucking pair. Only 5 year olds cry every time they don’t get exactly what they want.

And C&L went out with far more dignity than Justin, despite getting (probably half the prize Justin did (rumor is 1st place is $1,000,000, 2nd is $100,000 and 3d is $50,000)

I liked the reporters…um…rapport. The bit where he just lets her drive the jet-ski because she’s done it before and had no hesititation, etc…? That’s a healthy relationship.

Overall, great finale: the cab drama was front-loaded so that people could make up for it, there was only one strength challenge, a couple of mental ones. Near perfect balance for the final leg.

The gimmick for the next season looks to be as awful as the “blind date” one.

There’s going to be so. much. mugging for the camera. These are all entertainers (albeit entertainers I’ve mostly never heard of or seen entertain) and they’re all going to be “on” all the time. It’s going to be exhausting.

Plus, the whole “Pepuls who do teh intarawebs are ALL totally socially broken. LULZ!” is so 1997.

From the preview, I couldn’t tell if any of the teams were romantic couples (gay or straight), or just business/entertainment partners. Several of them seem to be way over the top personalities. Not much detail in the short preview.

Eh, yeah. But my biggest fear is that it’s going to be a season with 22 Hippies. Mug. Mug. Mug. Aren’t I entertaining! T-TOW!

Several seasons ago TAR started to move away from everyday people kind of couples to generic pretty, young (and white) teams. Less older, non traditionally attractive, less athletic people like some of us.

And I do wish they’d spend more time in “third world” countries and less time in Europe. To me the difficulty of traveling in a place like India really adds to the show.

This is actually untrue.

Most seasons of TAR feature contestants with an average age of between 31 and 36. Only one dips below 30 (Season 25 at 29.5) and that was after 10 of the previous 15 seasons averaging over 33 (including the oldest season, Season 14 at 37.1).