tarpal, I believe a few of us would like a word with you.


tarpal, per your comment in the thread about Unspeakable Truths:

All I can say is that you’re a complete moron. I’ll leave the really good flaming to people who are better at it than I.


My guess is that tarpal is either trolling (I think I have the lingo correct, I mean to say that it’s trying to piss people off by saying something it knows to be inflamatory) or is a racist or both. Either way, in my opinion, it’s best to ignore comments like this one. I realise that my being white makes ignoring it easier, but I hope possible nonetheless.

I started typing reasons why tarpal’s statement is flawed but I’d be here all night. I think most dopers know it’s wrong anyhow and know the many reasons why.


A) that was a really bad, unfunny joke,


B) tarpal is a moron of the nth degree.

Fortunatly, I can’t imagine that s/he will be around very long.

What about the “gap” between Asians and whites?


Dumbass Caucasians.


And just in case it was an honest misunderstanding, and Tarpal would like to have his ignorance fought, here is a discussion of, and explanation for, the “gap”.


tarpal appears to be a bit of a one trick pony. Out of his staggering 40 posts, we have the following gems:

In this GQ thread about gold teeth, our hero asks:

In this GQ thread about inter-racial relationships, we have this edifying contribution:

Oh, the irony.

Then we move on to this thread in GQ addressing the attention that the Elizabeth Smart case is getting, in which tarpal contributes:

It goes on from there, and it’s interesting to note that JuanitaTech considered pitting him/her, but apparently never got around to it.

In that thread, upon being called a racist, s/he responds:

Again in GQ (funny how someone who has such a blatant disregard for facts chooses to hang out in GQ, a forum dedicated to questions with factual answers, huh?), we have this thread asking whether race is real, to which s/he responds:

I admit, not terribly inflammatory, but definitely shows an unhealthy obsession with race-related issues. There were other contributions to threads on Jesse Jackson and Tawana Brawley as well, again with relatively mild comments but still contributing to the overall pattern.

So far, I’ve counted 19 out of 40 posts on race-related issues, and pretty much all of them seem deliberately and obstinately ignorant. Considering that this community is supposed to be about fighting ignorance, I’ll never understand why people come here and attempt to cultivate it instead. I’m still coming down on the side of tarpal being a total assmunch.

And he has a very interesting name, too.

I agree wholeheartedly (just in case my feelings are unclear in my original post). I simply don’t want to come accross as a tarpal sympathizer.

A lot of assholes came out to play in that thread.

Boy, Diane, you got that right. I think about 80% of the posters in that thread deserved to be pitted. (coughladyfoxfyrecough)

As long as you Pit them here, and not there.

With all due respect Jadis what the hell did you expect when some one opens a thread inviting “unspeakable truths”. It’s an invitation to be racist, sexist, impolite and un-PC. It’s almost the purest troll bait you can imagine. You might as well be flaming furnishesq for starting the thread.

Well that’s just damn unreasonable! How are we supposed to get them to Amsterdam?

I pitted tarpal. Unfortunately, my thread was hijacked and the real issue (i.e. tarpal’s a racist and should stop denying it) was lost. I’ll look for the thread.

OK, I’ll bite. What’s interesting about it?

At least Greece is closer then Brooklyn.


Here ya go.

The tread itself was interesting mid-way through the second page of it- until the trolls, racists, random morons and assorted half-fits tried to “contribute”.

Sad. There was some good stuff in there too.

I imagine a few of the enlighten sorts which showed up are not long for this Board.


Think tarbaby…

icky. that’s just a little too close for comfort.

It’s also “Lap Rat” backwards! Don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t sound good.