Ted Turner...what a chump

Great…so now I’m a “Jesus freak” according to Ted.

From http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20010314/en/tv_cnn_varney_1.html
"NEW YORK (AP) - After a four-day absence, partly out of anger about a comment by Ted Turner, Stuart Varney quit Wednesday as co-host of the network’s struggling ``Moneyline.’’

No immediate replacement was named for CNN’s nightly business show, which Willow Bay co-anchors.

Varney, who did not return a telephone call seeking comment, was furious when Turner, CNN’s founder, referred to network employees who observed Ash Wednesday as ``Jesus freaks,’’ according to a CNN executive who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Turner later apologized for his comment."
Apology noted…but perhaps in the future keep your bigoted comments to yourself you stupid dipshit

I don’t think that’s possible. This guy is noted for his athlete’s foot of the mouth. And he doesn’t really seem to regret his actions. He’s the one who said that if he ever met the Pope, who is Polish, he would ask him if he knows what a Polish landmine detector is… and show him his foot. The guy has serious hate issues.

You know what…you’re damn right. I hadn’t heard about that incident…there is a story here http://enquirer.com/columns/sullivan/1999/03/03/ts_ted_turner_is_no.html

I retract my acceptance Turner’s “apology”…he’s a bigot pure and simple. Any “repentance” or “apology” is probably for corporate purposes at best.

Turner has also said, “I don’t need someone else to die for my sins” and called Christianity a “religion for losers.” All of which are pretty stupid things to say, I guess.

OTOH, this sure puts the lie (again?!) to the “persecuted Christians” myth. Turner, and Jess Ventura, sure got called on the carpet pretty quickly for their comments about Christianity. Meanwhile, nobody gets too up in arms when Jerry Falwell says that, under GWB’s “faith-based initiatives” program, Islam should not get any money because it preaches a religion of hate. Oh, and he calls them “Moslems,” which is, uh, not good.

Hell yeah–call Wildest Bill over here and have him explain why Turner’s getting his ass kicked. After all, the media are all run by athiests and God-haters, right?

To be clear, I don’t feel “persecuted” by Ted Turner, nor do I think Stuart Varney does either. I think Ted Turner is a bigoted ass…the comparison to Marge Schott in the earlier newspaper column is an apt comparison.

Granted, Ted Turner IS a bigot.

I just have to say that I thought that polish joke was pretty damn funny…maybe my meds are finally kicking in or something.

[sub]note: Xploder is NOT prejudiced against ANYONE[/sub]

beagledave, I didn’t mean to imply that you were claiming persecution, and I’m sorry if I did. What I meant was that, by and large, anyone who critically publicizes Christianity (however clumsily) is called to accountability by the public and the media; whereas Christians who criticize other religions are, by and large, given a free pass.