Teenage girl hysteria in movie theaters?



Yeah, that’s the type of thing I was expecting for the OP: that the movie is being riffed and/or appreciated ironically. Especially since the movie in question is being panned and doing so poorly in the box office.

In fact, since the movie is trying to be a sort of Twilight knockoff (at least, according to some reviewers I trust), this is probably the worst movie for that sort of thing.

But, no, I’ve never experienced it myself. The worst I’ve gotten is laughter at a comedy movie. And getting upset about that would make me a hypocrite–my laugh, like everything else about me, is pretty big.

I saw The Hunger Games on dvd and thought it was really good. Enough so that I was thinking about seeing Catching Fire when it came out in theaters.
However, if this is what I have to look forward to (shrieking girls in love with Peeta and/or Gale) I think I can wait till the dvd comes out again.