Teletubbies Toy ?

I have this talking teletubbies Po that says certain phrases when you squeeze its (her? his?) hand.
So far I’ve heard:

Eh Oh
Roller coaster, roller coaster?
What’s that?
:giggling sound:
Big hug


Donkey doo doo?

I swear by my life this is what it sounds like Po is saying. We’ve thought and thought on what it’s saying. I’ve squeezed that damn plushie over and over again trying to understand. We try to pretend it’s “whatcha doin?” but it’s just not saying that.
Surely it can’t be what we think it is! Everything else is clear. Donkey doo doo? Man. What could this be???
Anyone here a teletubbies expert? :slight_smile:

We have a toy like that. What I’ve heard is that she saying “Fast, Fast, Slow, Slow” in Cantonese. (The actress playing her is/was Chinese.)

Fast fast, slow slow? Hmm…that somehow seems worse than “donkey doo do”! :eek:
And why would it say all these other things in English?

I’m glad someone knows what I’m talking about though.

Oh god, I remember those! They came out when I was working at Kmart, and we used to amuse ourselves by playing with them. They always sounded like:

Tinky-Winky: “I carry my gun!”
Red One (Po?): Faggot! Faggot!
La-La: Sieg Heil!

Or something like that. It was pretty amusing.

I remember there being a big controversy about the sounds that came out of these things mouths. After looking it up online, the quickest thing to a source I could come up with was from Wikipedia’s site, which has this to say (following a paragraph about the controversy caused by people thinking Tinky Winky was supposed to be gay):

I don’t know…that doesn’t sound anything like donkey doo doo!

I dunno man, they must’ve changed it to something that sounds like “donkey doo doo.” I got no explanation for ya.

Hilarious. My kid has a talking Dipsy, and I can never understand what the Christ it’s saying. At her grandparents’ house, she has a talking Po. My MIL said one day that she thought it was saying “Faggot faggot”, but I had never heard (or sought out the info) that pthers misheard that as well, and I thought she was just a little off that day.

“Fast fast, slow slow” sounds like dialogue from a porn film, though, and I’d worry that my kid would start repeating that in school and get some funny looks. Well, it’s definitely better than her learning to say faggot, though, that’s for sure.