Tell us something odd about your relationship with your significant other

Kim the Rhymer and I always address one another by our last names. (She kept her birth name after marriage, obviously.) Even in intimate conversations, it’s never “Kim” or “Skald”; it’s always “Rhymer” and “Katz.”* Even in the height of passion we don’t use the real first names, but in that case it’s something pornographic and disturbing.

Anybody else?

*Not her real last name.

Queue the creepy music…
My current wife’s birthday is the same day as my late wife’s and my anniversary.

I realized that I loved Mrs. Intergalactic Gladiator when she sat on my head and farted.

Does that count?

Priceless. Yes.

Mrs.P will go to the grocery store to do a full-on weekly shopping and upon her return will promptly order a pizza, take-out. :smack:

I don’t speak much Navajo but we spend a lot of time using that language.

My husband is not comfortable talking about exes so we never, ever have. Ever. We’ve been married over 13 years. He even gets insulted when I talk about the time I naively got what I now consider a stereotypically lesbian hair style (slightly mullety, slightly buzzed) and then didn’t get any dates. He’s not even comfortable discussing when I didn’t date anyone. It’s odd.

Also, I haven’t farted in front of him while awake.

My girlfriend has yet to sleep fully stretched out in her own bed while I’ve been there. Between me and the dog, we leave her about 2 square feet in which to curl up. (And the 2 square feet aren’t always contiguous.)

She’s a devout Catholic, I’m an agnostic. We’re definitely the odd couple.

I had a full set of forks, spoons and knives; he had a full set of forks, spoons and knives. When we got married, 1 + 1 = 2. Our kitchen drawers are very shallow, so we have one set in one drawer and the other in the other.

He uses his silverware, I use mine. Coming up 15 years now. If I need a spoon and I’m out, I wash one. It would *never occur to me *to look in his drawer to see if he has any spoons.

Yes, I know.

Emotionally and romantically, I’m like the girl in the relationship and she’s like the guy. Which means, more often than not I’m the one feeling in need of more romance, hugs, caresses, etc. It’s not that she isn’t comfortable with it, she just doesn’t think about it.

The most impressive thing about that is that you have enough drawer space in your kitchen for two complete sets of silverware. We have a pretty big kitchen and we still have to store drawer-style things in cabinets and pantries and such.

You’re not impressed by our separate-but-equal cutlery?

Oh- I am, but it’s trumped by your drawer space.

What do you do when you have guests over? Split 50/50 among the guests? Or do you take turns being the “host” with regard to silverware?

Does he ever use your silverware?

So far I think you win the thread. :slight_smile:

The oddest thing I can think of about Mr. S and me is that we growl at each other. It’s a “schmoopy” thing that started as a “dog” thing; we say it’s a “friendly growl.” (And really it’s just more of an “rrrrrr,” not an actual growl.) We don’t even need to make a sound; just a slight baring of the teeth, with a bit of a smile, does the trick.

My girlfriend farts more than me. I was warned too. She’s got a pretty good sense of humor about it. It’s not anything she can control nor would I want her to try. I could care less and it actually makes for some good laughs!!:eek:
On more than one occasion in the last few months we’d been able to reply to each others flatulence with some of our own. Very romantic.

We don’t even have that much drawer space. That’s pretty much it, plus the knives and dishtowels.

When we have guests we use either the stuff we got for our wedding (the mutually held cutlery) which is in the bottom of the entertainment center in the living room with my mother’s sterling silver, which we will use if we ever entertain on a holiday. I weigh the pleasure of using the sterling against the the angst of entertaining the relatives and the fumes of the silver polish.

He uses my silverware when we have ice cream, because *his *inferior set didn’t come with ice-cream spoons.

I’m an atheist my wife’s christian. 20-odd ‘interesting’ years. And no ground given.

Ice Cream Spoons?? For real??

Well, they don’t say “ice cream” on them . . . you could eat pudding with them, or stir your cocoa – it’s not as if we have some Victorian service with poached-fish tongs or anything. We just eat ice cream with them.

  1. My wife often sleeps with her eyes partially open.

  2. Late at night, if I come to bed late, we’ll often have a complete conversations which she will completely NOT remember the next morning; IOW, she is sleep-conversing.