Terra exotic vegetable chips

What are the purple chips made from?

There are blue-purple ones made from blue potatoes. Are those the ones you mean?

Purple sweet potato or taro?

Blue potatoes. And now I want them. Dang.

We have a choice of Sweet Potato, Parsnip, Batata (whatever that is), Taro or Yucca.
I’m guessing Batata or Yucca.

Purple sweet potatoes.

Thanks, Dolores!

According to the company, they’re blue potatoes.

WhyNot, you’ve got the wrong flavor.

The OP asks what the purple ones in the Exotic Vegetable Chips bag are, not the Original Chips.

ETA: And the sweet potato chips in the Original Chips are orange, not purple/blue. Purple sweet potatoes definitely exist, but I’ve never found them in Terra chips.

Exotic vegetable chips a la Mexicana.
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I also think those are made from blue potatoes. Those chips are TOO expensive … but very delicious.

Expensive but so worth it! And so colorful and pretty on the plate. One does not need 2 handfuls to satisfy. Even my kids like them, best food product of the new century.

I bet so, although I wouldn’t know from experience. Ours have never made it that far from the bag, usually just a couple of inches and then they’re gone. In fact sometimes I’ll stick my head into the bag and eat them that way.

Yeh, they’re too expensive but they’re delicious. We’re addicted to their taro chips at our house - they have a subtle nutty starchy sweet flavor and it’s a nice change from potato chips or tortilla chips.

The purple chips surely resemble the beets in their “Sweets & Beets”.

I love them, all the different flavors mixed in one bag =)

I do wish they came in the small individual portion bags at the BJs mrAru shops at =( all they seem to have is the ginormous bags though.

I have to admit, I love the individual serving bags of snacks, they are actually approved by my nutrition counsellor and so easy to fit into my nutrition profile. I actually keep several kinds in the snack drawer by my bed so I can do the closed eye grab bag thing to pick the bedtime snack. No idea why but I have never been a candy type, ever since I could remember I have always been a salty/vinegary snack type. My brother would get his allowance and run out for candy, I would lobby for potato chips, salt and vinegar being my childhood favorite that I could only get in Canada back in the day. I was thrilled when they started selling them locally in the US. [how many kids do you know that instead of raiding the cookie jar would raid the pickles…:confused:]

My SO (Mrs. Plant #3 to be) says the “Sweets and Beets” fellate with great alacrity. :frowning: