Terrorists and Trophies

Something scary occurred to me today while I was at the trophy shop. Yes, I was at a trophy shop and no, I wasn’t buying myself a trophy… but that does bring me to the point of this post.

Did you realize that you can just walk into a trophy shop and order yourself any trophy you desired with any engraving you wish?? I guess I had never thought about it until I was there placing an order for some trophies for work. If I felt the need, I could order a bowling trophy that says “300 Game” on it. Or how about a “Hole in One” trophy? I mean seriously, I could even be the “Northwest Ballet Champion” if I wanted, assuming that ballet has championships… actually, that wouldn’t matter since I was the one ordering the trophy.

You get my point though, right? Anyone at anytime can order any trophy they wanted…as big or as small, with whatever acheivement they felt like padding their resume with. They don’t ask for your credentials, just your $$$.

This brings me to the major point of this post: Terrorists!! Yes, terrorists. I hope the Department of Homeland Security reads my blog because I may have saved the country from a major attack here. Say you’re a terrorist, you walk into a local trophy shop and order a “United States Citizen of the Year” trophy. They don’t ask for proof of US Citizenship, they just take the money, and give you your trophy.

They may not have asked for credentials, but guess what NOW YOU HAVE THEM!!! You can now go to the airport or federal building or other place of terror activities and just show them your trophy as you walk in. “May I see your ID? Lets see, what? You have a trophy… Oh, sorry to bother you Mr…uhh… Patriot… go right in. I’m sorry to have kept the US Citizen of the Year waiting…”

As you can tell by the previous dramatization, this threat is very real and to tell you the truth, quite scary. I for one, will no longer just accept a trophy as proof of anything. You say you won 2nd place in a beauty contest? I say go f*** yourself Osama!