Terry Pratchett OKs Night Watch TV Series

Rhianna Pratchett’s not happy with it, either.

And here’s an article comparing the show The Watch to Terry Pratchett’s City Watch.

Jesus, that looks terrible - I was right, it does look horribly cheap.

Usually when Pratchett’s work is brought to TV, you can squint at some of the characters and say, “Yeah… sure. That looks right.”

Not in this one, though. Nobody looks right. At all. I can’t figure out which looks and acts the least like their literary counterpart- Lady Sybill Ramkin? Vimes? Cheery*?! They’re all just horribly, horribly wrong. The only character that looks kind of right would be Detritus- 'cause at least they made him out of rocks!

This is so disappointing.

*Seriously. Cheery looks taller than Carrot, and doesn’t have a beard. What the hell, guys?

At first having a woman cast as Vetanari didn’t seem too bad and I thought might could work. But while that may be possible, the version in the trailer was pretty awful.

I can manage that with Carrot, but only for the looks. And really, I’d give the series a try if they made all of the characters look ‘wrong’ to me but had the stories and personalities right - while I don’t like the steampunk thing, it’s not a deal killer, and actors and characters often don’t match. But majorly altering core character traits, repeatedly referenced parts of their appearance (especially ones that affect the story), and the entire basis of whole storylines is way too much for me. I mean, Sam Vimes in eyeliner? Cheery’s gender (and possibly race) change? Lady Sybil as a young, thin, eye-catching woman?

Vimes bothers me the most. Vimes is supposed to be the straight guy. He’s not wacky - he’s the calm center of the hurricane of wackiness around him. Making him just as silly as everyone else is completely and utterly missing the point.

I don’t know how I picture Vimes in my mind, but I know he does not look like that. I spent the entire trailer trying to figure out if that was really supposed to be him.

Also, eyeliner seems EXTREMELY out of character for someone who hates all forms of ostentation and tends to wear thrift store clothes and cheap boots with his rusty chain mail.

Completely agreed. He looks nothing like how Vimes should look, and, based on the trailers, he acts nothing like how Vimes should act. I don’t generally like to run down others’ creative works, but it feels like the creators of this series have intentionally disconnected it from its source books, to the point that there is no resemblance at all.

I just watched the trailer. I can understand different interpretations to a work. The Sam Vimes in my head may not match the Sam Vimes in your head, and that’s okay.

I don’t think this Sam Vimes matched what was in anybody’s head.

I just…


Maybe Neil Gaiman and Rhianna can get Amazon Prime to do an adaptation correctly.

Hope is on the horizon.

In an exclusive relationship going forward, Narrativia, the independent production company launched by Sir Terry Pratchett in 2012, strikes new development deal with Motive Pictures and Endeavor Content to create truly authentic Discworld screen adaptations.

Rhianna Pratchett, Co-Director of Narrativia, says: “Discworld teems with unique characters, witty narrative and incredible literary tropes, and we feel these should be realised on screen in a form that my father would be proud of. It’s wonderful to embark on this journey with Motive and Endeavor Content, who both perfectly share our vision to make this a reality.”

I saw the trailer, and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Sure, it’s different to the books. James Bond movies are different to James Bond books, but quite a lot of people like them. The Magnificent Seven is different to Seven Samurai, but it’s still a good film. Peter Cushing’s two Dalek films are different to the Doctor Who serials they were based on, but I like them. Different isn’t always bad. We’ll have to judge the series on its own merits, rather than on it’s relationship to the books. And the trailer looks like it might be good.

I’ve never seen a Discworld adaptation that was any good. Hogfather was very close to the book and honestly, it seemed silly when I saw it on screen.

So much of Terry was the narration, tone, and intricate wit. Very hard to adapt it any way that is all that great. Hogfather is probably the best I’ve seen, but even it was goofy compared to reading.

The various plays are frigging excellent - and I say that just having seen local am-dram productions.