"TEST" thread

test <quote> :slight_smile:

Test :slight_smile:

Testing a reply

Welcome back ScarletSteve!

Nice to see you posting again after 11 years!

never mind


Pic deleted test successful


What happens if you try to underscore โ€œgyโ€?


Wait โ€“ there is no underscore setting option in the text entry window. Only Bold and Italic. Never mind.

Put a โ€œuโ€ in square brackets before the word


Does anyone know how to do a strike through? [del] used to work

For this, you have to fall back on HTML tags.

<s>struck through</s>

struck through

Goddamnit I hate getting old
Oh, thatโ€™s right, I remember

guy gy

Underlines y but not g


I want to play, too Cool.

\color{red}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{blue}{\text{thanks FCM}}

\color{rainbow}{\text{this is a test}}
Rainbow? No.

\color{green}{\text{This seems overly complicated.}}