I don’t know why I can’t resist these threads.

Same reason you opened this, I guess. . .

What is under your spoiler tag? I don’t like opening them. :smiley:

:: sings :: Liar, liar, pants-a-fire; hanging from the telephone wire. . .

If there is going to be singing, could the Mods please move this to Cafe Society?


I made red velvet cupcakes and blueberry muffins for my dentist appoint tomorrow…but I want it to be a surprise.


Post party!

Knew you couldn’t just click once!

Is there a way to open all spoilers on a page?

Yes, by clicking on each one.

[spoiler]I almost wish someone would break a rule, just to see if the Mod Note would be in a spoiler box…


I’m not following you.No, seriously, I’m just going to the same place at the same speed a few steps back.