Testing the Compare Edit Feature

Interesting - I edited a post in GD, and found a new option to compare before and after.

I was aware of this before, but thought it was exclusive to mods.


I saw it earlier today too, but in refreshing the page the link went away.

You put the edits in, you put the edits out, you put the edits in and you shake them all about…

Maybe it goes away after the edit window closes.

You can view all the versions of your own edits during the timeframe of the editing window. Once the five minute limit is hit the clickable link is no longer active for anyone but us jackbooted mods.

Are there mods who haven’t been issued with jackboots?

(not that SkipMagic’s boots aren’t very stylish, of course) :slight_smile:

You don’t know Jack, Boots.

I fashioned mine into a Magic Mod Hat O’ Doom. Stylish and it keeps my noggin’ toasty.

test another change, I hope