Tethering a mobile game: which internet monolith should I use?

There’s a mobile game that I play and enjoy. In order to keep access to my account should something happen or I switch devices, I have my game account connected with my Facebook account. Well, right now, there’s a glitch or what have you that’s keeping me from logging in with that Facebook account; whether this is due to Facebook or the game is unknown.

This has gotten me thinking about my other options for tethering, which are Apple and Google, both of which I have. I know that none of these companies has a perfect track record with functionality, and they’re all extremely snoopy corporations, but I’ve kind of given up on that.

So when the Facebook connection comes back, should I switch to one of the others? If so, which? This isn’t a decision I can make on a whim, because the game, to prevent shenanigans, has a hard, low limit to the number of times one can make this switch.

I’d say both are reliable. I’d make the decision more based on which one of those you already use on your phone/tablet: Google for Android devices and Apple for iOS devices.

That said, I’d consider Facebook quite reliable, too. It’s not clear to me if the problem here is with Facebook itself, or just the app itself, which would mean that changing accounts wouldn’t really matter.

Still, I guess I do hear of fewer outages with Apple and Google.

I found tethering to Facebook was useful when moving my game between Google and Apple devices. Just remember to un-check those boxes so the game can’t message your friends or whatever.