Thak smash!

I saw the license plate


If I were going to worship a god, I just might go for Thak.

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BURN THE HERITIC! There is only Og(and Cecil is his prophet).


The wrath of Og on the misspeller!

I suppose this just means THNKGOD has already been taken?

I’d personally love to hear of somebody taking out an OGSMASH plate :smiley:
(We don’t have vanity plates here. We don’t have letters on our plates. If we did they’d be in Hebrew. Other than these minor problems I would SO be going for it…)

Nah, they didn’t want that one, 'cause they were concerned someone might think it was “THINK GOD,” and God forbid any thought come into it.

I saw this one over the weekend:


…and Banjo the Clown, of course.

I would never worship any god other than the Puppygod!